Thursday, May 9, 2024

Thursday's Threads


OUTFIT DAY!  I know I hinted that I would have ridiculous outfits upon my return home, but I did not get too crazy this week. For several reasons, but mostly because I wanted to wear something comfortable in case of any newly home antics from the horses. I needn't have worried though. Everyone has been on their best behavior. Anyway, in lieu of something crazy, I decided to don the farm colors for my first outfit back. And also, the horses are wearing a recent outfit because it was just out of the laundry and matched the decor. Also, this is the outfit I forgot to get pics of a couple weeks ago, so I felt I needed to right that wrong. Eros is our model today because this outfit was made for him. Here's what he had on:

Ugh. I know. The dad bod. We're working on it. It was a long winter with basically no work. I'd look the same. And in fact, I have also added some pounds this winter. Hopefully we'll both be fit and trim in no time! 

Bridle: Pinnacle
Browband: Boy O'Boy Bridleworks
In our effort to get that belly lifted we've switched back to a bit with a little more leverage. I hate to have to pull on his face to get him to come together, and this bit allows me to ask and give back a little more quickly than the D ring does. I know some people think leverage bits are cheating, but I think if I can get the same result with less brute force, then that seems softer and nicer to me. But what do I know? I'm just an amateur. 

Saddle: Butet
Half Pad: Mattes
Baby Pad: Ogilvy
Over the winter one of the tack stores had a nice discount available on custom items, so I ordered this pad. I really love the tan color, and it looks good on both horses. 

Wraps: Eskadron
Okay, I know you're probably tired of seeing these, but we only have this set and one with brown over wraps at the moment. I hope to expand on his wrap wardrobe at some point, but you know... the truck bill. Oof. We love these anyway, and they're our favorite colors, so who cares if we don't have variety? 

That's Eros is wearing this week, and here's what I had on:
I just love this color scheme. I will wear it forever and ever. 

Helmet: One K
I think it's really fun how you can change the look of these helmets so easily. I'm pretty content with this combo for right now though.

Top: FitEq
I'm generally pretty cheap, and I get my seamless shirts from Amazon normally because they're so inexpensive. But then FitEq used some of my barn friends as models and I was then mildly intrigued by these tops. I just think the horse shoe is cute, and the shirts are lovely. And THEN about a month ago, they put these shirts on sale for $10 each. So obviously I stocked up on them. They're back to a higher price again on the site, but still pretty reasonable (I think around $20 give or take) if you're interested, but inventory is pretty limited after that big discount. 

Belt: Zazzle
I wear these belts all the time now. They're so inexpensive and you can literally put anything you want on them. Plus you can print both sides, so it's two in one. Total win.

Breeches: RJ Classics Gulf
I like my Gulf breeches. I prefer the Harper style, but these are fine too. I think the Harpers get pilly faster than the Gulf though, so there's that. 

Boots: Mountain Horse Sovereign Luxe
Yay, fun boots! I know they aren't as fun as my Celeris boots, but these matched my outfit. I'll likely bust out something from Celeris next week though. So funny thing about these boots. They always seem comfortable when I put them on. They're comfy to ride in too. But after I've ridden one horse in them, they are less comfortable. I think the way they're creasing maybe? I'm not sure. But they dig into the back of my heels after I ride. It's too bad, because I like them, but I can't wear them multiple days in a row without them wounding me nearly mortally. (Ok, that's a mild exaggeration.) 

That's it for today! I'm excited for lots of fun outfits this summer! Anything you want to see? Have a theme in mind? An article of clothing? Suggestions welcome!


  1. oooh i like those boots! bummer that they aren't as comfortable tho... i bought a second pair of a boot that i really really liked, only for that pair to be basically unbearable to wear for very long for the same reason, womp

    1. It's so odd, isn't it? Like what did I do wrong with these? I've heard people love their Mountain Horse boots, and they are pretty thin leather so they SHOULD be comfy. But alas... At least they're pretty!