Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Truthful Tuesday: The one where we're HOME!


We're HOME!!! I'm so happy to get home this year, you guys have no idea. I was feeling very stressed about the move, but mostly just because I hate change and love routine. But we're finding our groove here, and the horses really settled in easily this year. 

I have two confessions this week to share and both pertain to my being back home. I'll save the silly one for last to lighten the mood. So the first one is that I'm having some kind of weird feeling of peace being at home this year (so far anyway). The horses seem to feel it too. (Though, they did all act like fools in their first turnouts here Monday morning. I was sure they'd all be crippled after all the carrying on they did. I like to think it was celebratory antics, but who knows with this group...) 

Anyway, let me blabber on more about this peaceful feeling. I try very hard not to let others, especially those that I don't think are correct, get into my head nor dictate my emotions. But I am human. And sometimes it happens. I hadn't realized just how bothered I'd been feeling until I got home, and the feelings just lifted away. No one here at home can talk about me or my horses in a negative light. No one here is judging every decision I make or don't make. And no one is passing judgement on the quality or usefulness of my horses. Or me for that matter. And it's SUCH a calming feeling to just be free of that. 

I have a barn full of quirky, bargain priced horses. But they are MY horses. And I love them and all their quirks. (Okay maybe not all of the quirks, looking at you Al.) But I think each of them is talented in their own way. They're worthy of the best care. They're useful to me and they bring me so much joy. And you know? That's enough. That's all that really matters for me and my horses. And I'm so excited to just relish in that this summer. 

Um, but confession two? Heh. I haven't moved the jumps since last fall. I still have the same course set up. I just couldn't find the motivation in between all the rain earlier this spring. I figure we'll pop around what's out there this week and then maybe next I'll change it up. I mean, it's not like the horses remember the course. It probably feels new to them. Maybe. Ha. Oops.


  1. Congratulations! What a relief it must be to have the horses home.

  2. honestly, reading between the lines this winter has made me feel... hm, *pretty f'in bothered* on your behalf. like, horse people are gonna be horse people, and we're all pretty much crazy in one way or another, but the constant judging esp re: "quality" or "usefulness" is just... sooooo off the mark, and so far astray from what really matters in having a fulfilling horsey experience. i'm so glad to hear that moving them home again has instantly lifted some of the weight from all that nonsense!

    1. Thank you! Yeah... it was weird there this year. I'm glad to be home and can't wait to start working with my other trainer again. She sees the good in all my horses. And in me too, which I greatly appreciate.

  3. Thank you! I do too. So far, we're all really happy to be back.