Thursday, November 23, 2023

Thursday's Threads: Thanksgiving Edition


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I didn't actually ride my horses today, but I planned ahead and dressed Shiny up in her Thanksgiving finest yesterday. She is our model this week, and here's what she wore:

Bridle: Joseph Sterling
Browband: Homemade by me

I thought about making new funny beaded brow bands for Thanksgiving, but honestly, I really don't think I can do better than this one anyway. Also, Shiny got clipped last week, and she looks so cute!

Saddle: Custom Saddlery
Saddle Pad: Equine Star
Turkey Pad! I think these came out so cute. And yes, Shiny is back in the belly band. She's a little more sensitive after being clipped and was starting to get a rub from my spur. 

Boots: Equine Star
Seriously, I think the turkey print is the best one of my Equine Star prints. Probably anyway. 

So that's what Shiny wore. I forgot to take pics of my outfit, but I do have a work around... First, this photo below is what I wore with Shiny's outfit, but I'm on Al in the screen shot:

I'm wearing the same Samshield as always and the newest De Niro boots. The breeches are ROMFH Sarafina Euro Grip and the color is maple. I REALLY like them. Highly recommend. I'm also wearing an old Ariat sweater that is olive with tan elbow patches, and it's all topped off with an Eddie Bauer vest that's black.

And to make up for the lack of outfit photos, I also have both Thanksgiving outfits that I wore today. First up is what I wore to the barn to take my ponies for a hand walk. 

That's a Tipsy Elves sweater, the jeans are True Religion, and the belt is Lilo. It's on sale right now over at Chagrin Saddlery if you want one!

And this is what I wore to my brother's house for T-day dinner:
It's pretty much all generic Amazon purchases. Except the shoes which are also generic but they came from Zulily awhile ago. It's tough to see in the photo, but the sweater has pumpkin pie slices around the sleeve and some acorns up at the top. It's pretty cute. 

And that's it for Thanksgiving outfit fun this year! Hope you all had a lovely day!