Wednesday, October 5, 2022

What's Up Wednesday


Today is Yom Kippur which is the day we Jews atone for all of our sins by fasting for 24 hours. We're supposed to go to synagogue and do a lot of praying and what not, but I'm really a mediocre Jew at best. I do fast for the most part. I haven't eaten since dinner last night, and the only water I've had is with my meds which is allowed. But I did not go to any services and you better believe I rode my horses today! I mean, you are supposed to spend the day with family and the horses ARE my family. So it's not totally breaking the rules, right? Sure. Anyway, if I start to ramble or stop making sense, it's because I'm hungry and mildly dehydrated. 

This week was stupid with the weather. Remember when it was summer and it never rained here? Well that's over. There has got to be a happy medium somewhere! Seriously, get your poo together mother nature! 

Let's see... when we last left off, I was getting tossed of Al because of some kind of invisible monster. And then we've been trying to work through my ammy angst as a result. But it's been a little hard to do with the weather being so terrible. It was windy all week, so I had to find the least windy day for jumping which turned out to be Thursday. I opted not to jump Al and instead just focused on Eros and Shiny. I picked Eros first because I knew I would need a little hand holding. Eros is generally good for that. And he was so perfect! He jumped right around and just packed me around like the nervous ammy I was acting like. At least in the beginning. By the end we both were feeling pretty good. 

I'll have a little clip to follow I put Eros and Shiny on the same clip, so I'll share after we talk about her.

Shiny was also fantastic to jump around last week. She was forward and taking me to the fences and just seemed super willing. She also jumped great, picking her feet up again finally.

So you can imagine my surprise when I got off and saw that I had given her a huge spur rub! Guys. I haven't given a spur rub since I was a little kid! And I ride in spurs more than I don't. I didn't make her bleed at least, but I took all the hair off. Poor thing. No wonder she was so forward. I have no idea what I did differently that day to cause that. But I'm riding her without spurs for the time being until it's healed and grows its hair back.  
Anyway, link below if you want to watch them both jump around a little bit. 

My rides with Al have actually been fine. We've not been able to use the full ring because of all the rain. The far end can get a little squishy. But he's being a respectful good boy, and I'm hoping to be back to where we left off soon. Today was a boring walk/trot only day since the whole ring was pretty soggy. He was a little angel for that portion and only stepped out of line at the end when we were walking out. I was walking toward the "scary corner" and he propped and spun again, He more or less took me with him and I did get after him for it. I don't usually like to make a big deal when they spook, but I need to get this spinning nipped in the bud. He seemed to understand what he did was wrong. Which doesn't mean he won't do it again, but hopefully we're figuring things out. Figures this drama starts after my trainer is gone for the season! 

If you're keeping track, the horses actually had the entire weekend off. I usually don't ride Monday but since they'd already been off two days, we rode Monday. It was what I like to call a survival ride day. It was windy and cold again. Plus the aforementioned two days off. We used half the ring and called it quits after 20 minutes. Then they had Tuesday off due to the pouring rain, and walk/trotted today. So they're basically enjoying a vacation I guess. Tomorrow and Friday are supposed to be much nicer. Not so windy and it might even get to 70! Can't wait! 

I try to be productive when I can't ride the horses, so Sunday Shiny got body clipped. Like last year, I didn't bother with her head or legs. I might do the legs this weekend. Might not. She hates having her head and ears done so I plan to not bother with that. That's the nice thing about not showing. Your horse can look ridiculous and it doesn't matter!

Tuesday I spent the day on saddle care. They all needed some oil pretty badly. It was so nice riding today in freshly oiled saddles. They were much grippier and softer too. I also organized blankets for when we move back to our winter barn next month. Can you believe it's already time to move?! I can't. Seems way too soon. But with the way the weather has been, I'm looking forward to having an indoor to use again!

It was a little up in the air if we'd be going back this winter. There was a chance there wouldn't be enough stalls for us, but there are, so that's good. 

And that's about it from here! The sun should be heading down soon, so I'm going to go eat everything in my refrigerator. 


  1. Happy Yom Kippur (if that is the right greeting, I am not sure). I would struggle with the fasting.

    1. It's funny, I also am not sure if Happy Yom Kippur is the proper greeting, but also have used it. The sentiment is appreciated regardless!
      The food part of the fasting isn't the hardest for me, but I really miss my morning coffee.