Wednesday, August 17, 2022

What's Up Wednesday


It's been kinda busy around here lately! The horses had a visit from their bodyworker last week. Everyone more or less had good reports. Shiny is showing a little soreness in her stifle area that we're keeping an eye on but otherwise nothing new to note on anyone. They all are adjusting more easily each visit, so that's also great! 

Al has been working hard this past week! We had to miss our first lesson of the week due to scheduling conflicts, but we popped over a few fences on our own instead. It's nice to practice on our own sometimes anyway. 

I wish I had video to share of us. I did not set a very Pivo friendly course and it's really been struggling to follow us in our lessons. It also likes to watch my trainer instead of us... And some days Shiny is in the ring with us so that's an added challenge. Poor Pivo. I'll set a new course soon that hopefully it will like better. 
Al has been really fantastic for our actual lessons though! That does not mean everything is easy and smooth and perfect because I'm an amateur and he's still a young horse. But what impresses me is that we are now jumping around pretty consistently at 3'6" and he tries so hard even when I royally screw up and he would have every right to say no. And I can assure you, this happens more than I'd like to admit... Not because we're so terrible, but trainer likes to challenge us. Sometimes it takes me a few tries to rise to those challenges though... What can I say? I'm doing my best. Despite those mistakes, he tries his hardest to get us safely to the other side.
Could we get any closer? But he tucked those feet up and
hoisted himself over anyway. GOOD BOY!

Now and then we get it right though, and he then he doesn't have to work quite so hard.

We're having a lot of fun figuring things out though. Thankfully 3'6", while freaking big to me, is nothing for Al, so dealing with my mistakes really isn't all that challenging for him. Which is exactly why I have him! I hope he knows how much I appreciate him. 

Yes, I walked up to this fence for a photo op.
When you're 5'2", 3'6" looks enormous. 

Al is very impressionable, and a total goofball, so we aren't celebrating Sunday Funday just yet. He still gets to have yard snacks though. Unfortunately, the grass is totally cooked at this point in the summer. 

Eros had an easy week last week while we wait for his feet to get feeling back to normal. He was feeling good enough to flat lightly early in the week and got better each day. I let him pop over a few raised cavalletti today and we'll see how that feels tomorrow. If all is good, I may let him jump a little bit on Friday or Saturday. We'll see how things go! Otherwise he's doing well and the hives seem to have subsided. I still don't know for sure what's caused them. He staying on the Benedryl for a bit though. 
He did get to partake in Sunday Funday though, and we had so much fun! He loves when we ride bareback because generally I don't make him work that hard. It's funny because with a saddle on, I find his canter really tough to sit unless I pull him together. But in the bareback pad, it's like sitting on a rocking horse. Can't explain it, but I'll enjoy it!

I didn't jump Pammon this week. Not for any really good reason, I just didn't get around to it really. We will probably pop over a few this week though. It got cooler here and he's been a little sassy. Plus the wildlife has been ridiculous around here and I think that's what he's hearing and being a lil spooky about. I don't want to jump him if he's not focused because I don't trust him not to invert and hurt himself again. 
In other bigger news, I spoke with my trainer friend that helped me sell Badger (he actually was purchased in house, so he's still in her barn!) and she's going to have a stall for Pammon in another week or so. So he'll be heading to her very soon and will hopefully find his person. Part of me is a little sad, because I'm not good at letting go, but it's so 100% the right thing for both of us. I can't afford to have four horses AND get to horse show. Plus, he deserves to have himself a kid or ammy that will spoil him rotten. 
One of my bad traits though, is that when I know something is ending, I kind of just want to cut it off. And so it's felt a little like a chore riding him everyday. And I hate feeling like that because I love him. And I'm SO LUCKY to have him to ride. Seriously. I never want to take a horse for granted. And it makes me feel like a shit person feeling that way, like I'm not grateful. But I honestly think I'm just trying to distance myself to make it easier when he leaves. Ugh. Emotions are so dumb.

In lighter news, he did partially partake in Sunday Funday for the first time this week! I say partially because I used a saddle with the side pull bridle. Pammon's trot is enormous and I'm quite sure he'd bounce me right off bareback... Lol! He loved yard snackies with mom though (despite the well done grass). 

Shiny had the best week ever. She managed to have an extra day off when the bodyworker came because I ran out of time to ride her beforehand. And then trainer's daughter has been riding her when I have my lessons. She mostly just walks and trots, though we are hoping to try for canter on Friday! (Shiny's go buttons are a little hard to push. We tried today but it didn't happen.) Anyway, with all of that she missed out on jumping this week too. But we're hoping to do a few fences tomorrow. 

It's really fun to see a kid loving on her. I can't say Shiny is the most cooperative pony for the kiddo... Shine likes to cut the corners and walk whenever she feels like it. And not trot when asked. (Seriously, that go button!) But the kid LOVES her and can't wait to come back and ride again every time she leaves. That makes me so happy. Shiny brings me tons of joy and it's nice to see that happen for someone else too. 

Sunday Funday is always her favorite day of the week. Can I tell you how hard it is to get her face out of the grass when it's time to go in though? Damn near impossible. Ponies.

In other news, on Sunday I met with a nice girl I know who just graduated high school. She's going to help me out with barn chores the next two weekends while our regular lady is away. (She's going riding in Ireland, I'm so jealous!) My regular lady was away that day also, so it was perfect timing to show her the ropes while I was actually doing the chores. I have some braiding for this weekend coming up, but not as much as I thought, so I probably didn't really need the new girl for then, but it's fine because I can be around to help and make sure she's comfortable with everything. Next weekend I have a LOT to braid (I hope I survive) so I will be especially grateful for the help. She also barn sits, so I'll have another person if my regular sitter is busy and I'd like to get away at any point. I really like having a few people that know my horses and how we do things, just in case. You never know when something could come up that you need to be away for. Good to be prepared.

And in other, other news, the wildlife around here lately... There's a bear in the 'hood that's been around forever. I haven't seen him, but he was seen crossing the road not too far from the farm the other day. Sunday the bunnies were out having snacks all over. This one was hanging out while I rode:

Later, while I was on I think Eros, this nope rope was slithering around. Looks like a young one:

Earlier in the day a little gray mouse was tormenting me in the barn, so I'm really hoping that Nope Rope found it. Sorry. I just really hate mice. And I am still having a time with them in my house! I swear, I catch one IN THE HOUSE several times a week. Certain times of year it could be multiple a day. The joys of a 263 year old house in the country. Anyway, happy to see this guy slithering around. Hopefully he'll help me out. But like... from afar. I also saw a very healthy looking fox wandering through Shiny's paddock while I was riding her yesterday. Lots going on in wildlife world around here!

Al and I have a lesson Friday, and then next week we're on our own. I think we'll hopefully be able to get one more in after that before trainer heads back to Florida. So it looks like if/when I get to show it will on our own. But that's okay. I think we've been preparing well. We'll just have to pick one where no one we know is also attending. That way, if it goes terribly, no one has to know! Lol!

Did you all have a good week? Do anything exciting?!


  1. gosh Al looks good <3 <3 <3 so glad to hear that the lessons at home are going so well! except for Pivo lol, ugh. i feel like for the people Pivo works for, it works ok, but it kinda seems like.... it just mostly doesn't work yet?

    1. Thanks! He's so hunky right now!
      Pivo is actually fantastic for what it is. It has a lot of limitations, but for the price point, that's to be expected. It was not originally invented for horse riding, so the fact they've gotten it to work as well as it does is impressive. It works best if you can give it enough space in the center of the ring for it to see the horse clearly. This course I've set doesn't really allow for that because it would be in the way. It also doesn't know which horse to watch, so it just picks the closest one. When I'm alone in the ring it does great! I also have a Soloshot that my dad gave me for my birthday years ago. It doesn't lose you ever because it follows a chip you wear. But it costs like five times what the Pivo costs, and at this point, the cell phone camera (used for Pivo) records higher quality video than the Soloshot can. Also, I've never figured out how to get that thing set up and working quickly. It's always a frustrating endeavor. I should sell it...

    2. yea.... the multiple horse limitations are really the biggest reason i haven't tried one, since i almost never ride alone. hopefully the technology keeps getting better and better tho!

  2. I feel for you. I have 3 and love showing, but it feels like a distant dream. Sometimes I think maybe I should sell one, but then I get upset at where they could end up. I have quirky horses that aren’t fancy bred or giant show records. So I just think ok well I will keep all of them and just not show I guess, while still plotting how I can save $50 here and there.

    Laura (blogger being difficult with me!)

    1. I'm hopeful prices on literally everything will get back to more normal levels and we'll be able to do stuff again someday... Hopefully.
      It's so hard to sell them. I enlist the assistance of someone I trust to find them the right homes. So far, the few that I've had to let go have ended up in wonderful situations.