Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Truthful Tuesday


Eros here... 

Mom said I had to come on here and admit to a few things. I don't really see what the big deal is... I'm just trying to communicate my needs to her. Maybe she should listen better the first time?

So... first. Mom got new fans for our stalls, and they can turn! It's the most fun toy ever! But mom keeps saying that fans aren't toys. I mean... I don't mess with it when it's ON. I'm not stupid...

Speaking of things that mom thinks aren't toys... Water buckets. I think they are the best toys! They make a big splash when you pull on the handles! Especially when they're full! SO FUN! I taught Al how to pull the safety guards off the sides too. I don't really do that because I'm a mature horse, but it's HILARIOUS that Al takes them all off every single day. That kid is so funny. Anyway, I just like to throw mine around, especially on hot days. That big splash cools me off nicely.

And lastly, the feed tub. Mom feeds us far too infrequently, and I feel it is my duty to remind her when it's time to eat. Often she ignores me. Especially when I try to get her to come out in the middle of the night to feed us... But I gotta at least try, right? So what do I do you ask? Well, I grab the rim of my feed bucket and lift it up as high as I can, then let it drop. It makes a LOUD noise that mom seems to find super annoying. She always tells me to stop it, and "buckets aren't toys!" But like, she's so wrong. Buckets are totally toys. The BEST toys! I have a ball and a carrot toy to play with in my stall, but they are no where near as fun as water buckets and feed tubs. Not even close.

So yeah. Those are my confessions. Oh and one more, MOM IS BORING! Hahahahahahaha!


  1. buckets are 100% the best toys, don't let anybody convince you otherwise buddy!

  2. The world is your bucket, Eros!

  3. Oh Eros lol. I guess your mom should be grateful you don't have automatic waterers you can flood your stall with ;) I knew a horse who figured out that was a fun trick, he lost those privileges quickly haha.

    1. Ugh! I had a horse do that when I was a kid! Cost my dad like $1500 bucks in shavings and repairs... Ripped that thing right off the wall!