Thursday, March 24, 2022

Thursday's Threads


Outfit Day! It's a pretty similar outfit to last week... but this week Al is our model! So we'll start with what he wore.

Bridle: Pinnacle
Browband: Boy O'Boy Bridleworks

I had ordered Al the Joseph Sterling version of this bridle, but it was backordered for many months, so I grabbed this Pinnacle version for him in the meantime. It's actually pretty nice, but you can absolutely tell the difference in the leather quality. It's nice enough for everyday though. And yes, I forgot to take a photo of him in it when we rode, so I went and threw it on him in his stall for a picture... I'm the worst!

Saddle: Butet
Saddle Pad: Personalized Products
Half Pad: Mattes

This was post ride, so the pad had shifted a bit. (These things happen when your saddle doesn't fit...) This pad is the same as the one Eros' wore last week, except that the other one has a green piping and this one has tan. I had this one made for Cosmo, who we lovingly called Moo-moo hence the monogram on there. This pad is slightly younger. I think I got it around 2000 or 2001.

Boots: Eskadron Heritage
As you can see, Al actually makes use of that strike pad on his boots... He's kind of careless with where he puts his feet sometimes. Like when he's getting tired and I'm insisting on forward. He's like a toddler stamping his feet. Kid kills me! 

So that's what he wore, and here's what I had on:

Repping the Alma Mater this week!

Helmet: One K
You all know by now that I'm not bringing more helmets out to the barn. Though perhaps I should at least clean this one up a little...

Hoodie: Skidmore College
I bought this hoodie at my 15th college reunion (yep, I'm super old) which was ((gulp)) five years ago already. It's a great hoodie, and I think has a few more years left in it. Skidmore's mascot is the Thoroughbred, so the right sleeve actually says Thoroughbreds down it. Nice touch!

Belt: Rebecca Ray
I have this belt in a few colors, and it's definitely one of my faves! I wear it all the time. 

Breeches: Dover Wellesley
I think these are super cute. The color didn't photograph super accurately. They're a nice chocolate brown color. But the fun part is the leopard piping on the top edge of the pants and on the pockets. It's just enough to be super fun. The sock boots are also leopard, but you can't see them with socks on. 

Boots: De Niro Salentino
Yeah, I recycled last week's photo, but they're still the same boots, so it's a pretty accurate representation! As comfortable as these boots are, I'm not all that impressed with their durability. They're already starting to wear and I haven't had them terribly long. On the other hand, I got these on clearance from Equiport for very little money, so I am getting my money's worth. Can't really complain!

And that's it for this week! Any favorites? Do you have any saddle pads that are 20 or more years old still in rotation? 


  1. 👏👏👏 slow clap for those 20 year old saddle pads!!!!

    1. Right?! Still going strong after all these years!