Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Truthful Tuesday: Eros edition


I am having my well pump replaced this morning (oh the joys of homeownership...) and so I went out to the barn early to let my helper know that the water would be turned off later this morning. (Just in case he needed to use the facilities!) He was dragging the ring when I went out, and Eros was turned out in the ring too. (Eros could care less about that, he just stays out of the way.) 

Anyway, my helper stopped to chat with me, and I look up to see Eros just casually putting his leg through the fence. He was completely calm about it. Just putting it through there to see if we'd notice. We did indeed notice. So once he got the attention he was seeking, he just as calmly removed his leg from the fence. 

Seriously though, why are horses like this?! Why do they want to break themselves and everything around them all the time? Fortunately, nothing was broken this morning. As mentioned, it was all very calm and deliberate. But sheesh. At the very least he could do these things when we aren't looking!


  1. ugh Eros, buddy c'mon.... charlie is like that, but with his head. he'll stick it in the most ridiculous places, then give you this mournful look when he inevitably bonks it on something lol...

    1. Ha! Pammon also likes to stick his face where it doesn't belong. I swear, they aren't happy unless something hurts.

  2. Eros, stop giving everyone heart attacks! 😳