Wednesday, February 17, 2021

What's Up Wednesday


Not too much to report this week. Horses are all good for the most part. Shiny is still being a bit difficult, but I did have a decent ride on her last night. I am starting to think the cold weather bothers her, but I guess I'll have to wait a bit to really pursue that theory. We had a beautifully warm day yesterday, but we're back in the 20's today. Brrr. 

Barn owner is in Florida for the month so our previous assistant trainer is back filling in for her. It's been great because she's a lot more flexible. I did Eros in our flat lesson last night, and have a jumping(!!!) lesson scheduled for this weekend with Pammon. I have been dragging my feet doing that with him, because we really didn't fit in with any of the regular lessons. I just want to start very slow with him, popping over a few low jumps on straight lines. Since AT is more easy going and adjustable, this should be exactly what we're looking for. I'm pretty excited! I may even see if I can schedule something with Shinypants. Clearly, we could use any help we might find...

That's really about it on the horse front. In other news, P had a good checkup this weekend. She turns 15 this year in April, so good checkups are definitely something to be excited about!

I made myself some heart shaped waffles for Valentine's day. Being an old spinster, I still like hearts and food. So TREAT YO'SELF!

Speaking of treating myself... My jacket and new socks arrived!

The jacket is amazing you guys. It's everything I've wanted, but somehow even better. I'm so excited about it! I like how the revamped logo looks on the socks too. 
And that's really all I have to share today. How was your week? Horses good?


  1. oooooh so exciting to have the opportunity to dip back into the jumping waters with Pammon! looking forward to reading about it ;)

  2. The only difference in my Valentine's day was that the husband made the waffles, and sadly mine weren't heart shaped LOL

  3. I'm glad you get a bit of a break from the BO at least!