Thursday, June 11, 2020

Thursday's Threads

We've been having some beautiful weather around here, but today is supposed to get stormy. So back to long sleeves for a day!
It's cool outside, but I'm being cheap and not turning on the a/c so my house is not cool. Hence my lack of socks. I promise to put some on before I go to the barn!

Top: Dover
I really enjoy equestrian themed prints. So I grabbed this base layer shirt from Dover when it was on sale. It's heavier than a sun shirt, so definitely best suited for spring and fall. Or cool days like today.

Belt: Mane Jane
I honestly can't decide what color this shirt is. I might be gray? Maybe kind of olive? Or just brown? It's like all three. So I decided to match my belt to the brown stirrup leathers in the print. Though this Mane Jane strap is a bit darker brown. Close enough. 

Breeches: B Vertigo
These are pretty old, but they are one of my favorite pairs of breeches. They're very lightweight and super stretchy. They also have glue on them... (You can see it just above my knee here.) Don't craft in your favorite breeches my friends.

Arm Party!
Lefty is donning this leather stirrup bracelet. I've had it for YEARS and I'm pretty sure i got it from Etsy. 

Righty is wearing the fitbit in it's brown band along with this fun wrap bracelet from Ralph Lauren- a great Ebay score! The strap doesn't fit me right though, and I keep forgetting to do something about that.

I'm still riding exclusively in a pair of Regals and my One K Rose Gold Avance helmet. Once the horses are home I promise to vary my footwear and helmets again!

Any favorites from today? Do you have any particular riding apparel that you're in love with?


  1. Nice - the equestrian prints like that are classic! I remember Ariat had some long sleeve shirts with nice prints a couple of years ago!

    The brass fittings on your accessories look great with the top too!

    1. Thanks! I was thinking silver might have been better to match the shirt stirrups... but I don't have the silver buckle!