Thursday, June 18, 2020

Thursday's Threads

Outfit day again! The days are just flying by. Summer always seems to do that, doesn't it? Anyway, I'm wearing riding clothes to work again. Ugh, I'm going to miss that when we go back to the office!

I went with a Covid/grunge hybrid theme today. I think we're at the point where we can joke a little bit. I mean, it's for sure not funny, but you gotta keep your sense of humor.

Shirt: Some targeted ad from Facebook
Most of you are probably too young to know who Kurt Cobain was... He was a musical genius who killed himself in the early 90's. It was tragic. But he and his band Nirvana had a song called Smells like Teen Spirit and one of the lines in the song was "I feel stupid and contagious".  Someone put that on a shirt and I bought it. Appropriate for the times no?

Belt: Levi
Nirvana was a big part of the grunge era. The style was flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and a fair amount of metal. So this belt seems appropriate. Plus, I definitely got it in the 90's. I bought it one summer when I was showing in VT at the Levi's outlet up there.

Breeches: Tredstep
Tredstep breeches have nothing to do with grunge. But they're black, so they fit right in for today's outfit.

Socks: Dreamers & Schemers
I bought these FU Covid socks along with the matching mask. If you're going to suffer through a pandemic, you may as well be matchy about it. Anyway, these aren't grunge era either, but they go along with being contagious.

Arm Party!
Spikes were more 80's punk, but they did carry over and get adopted by the grunge era. So I went with spikes for lefty.

These flatter pyramid studs were more in line with the grunge era. You would see these studs on the belts of grunge wearers frequently. They also made their way into skater style later in the decade.

I hope you enjoyed your history lesson today! Any favorites? What are you wearing?


  1. Nice! I'm definitely old enough to remember Nirvana... ;-) Your dedication to outfits continues to be awesome.

    I'm in a flourescent orange tank top, black shorts and my fitbit with the skull band. Not super exciting!

  2. lol 100% agreed about needing to keep a sense of humor these days... i love the t-shirt!

  3. I have to share what I'm wearing because you asked and I was amused just thinking about it. Yoga pants and a navy and white striped sweater. I had a meeting with a client this morning on zoom so decided to dress up on top from my usual tshirt and zip up hoody that I usually pair with the yoga pants, lol.

    Do you have a timeline for going back to the office? It seems like I'm going to be working from home for a while yet and I'm not mad about it.

    1. Hahaha! The work from home outfit mullet, business on top, party on the bottom!

      They're saying next month. I'm not ready, and don't feel at all comfortable with it. I'm waiting for final word before I try to fight it though.

  4. Lol I definitely know who Kurt Cobain is

  5. I LOVE that shirt! And I too definitely remember Kurt Cobain.

    1. Thanks! I'm SO glad a few of you remember Kurt Cobain and Nirvana!