Wednesday, June 17, 2020

What's Up Wednesday

The weeks are all kind of the same now a days aren't they? I'm not complaining, I like routine. But we did one exciting thing this week... Shiny had her first lesson since December! We didn't do the whole thing since she hasn't jumped in so long, but we did the flat section and then hopped over a handful of crossrails. She was perfect! As of late, I've abandoned working on getting her round and lifting her back. We've solely been trying to get the forward buttons working. She's much happier, and has been listening a lot better to the go aids. (After she's warmed up that is... she still comes out and give me a lovely western pleasure jog.) Obviously, I don't plan to let her go around with her head in the clouds forever, but I think she needed to build up some strength first. 

But back to the lesson... I rode with a really nice lady that's just started riding again after a long hiatus and one of the younger kids that boards at the barn. They both jump around 2'3" and are doing what I'd call early intermediate level flat work. So we did have to do some posting trot without stirrups (so much harder on a pony!) and we even tried some baby leg yielding. Shiny was great moving right to left, but not as good left to right. This surprises me none as she loves to pop her left shoulder and fall that way. (We have a lot to work on.) And then we moved on to jumping! The first one Shiny backed off a tiny bit and then popped up high over, but after that she was perfectly level about the whole thing. It was so tempting to do more, but I don't want to push things. We're in no hurry and can take our time for sure. So that was lots of fun.
She totally drags me around and steals grass. Such a pony.
She also started on overnight turnout in a little Shiny sized grass paddock. She will certainly miss that when she comes back home. I just don't feel that comfortable leaving them out overnight here between how close we are to the road, and my sketchy neighbor. But I'm sure she'll be just fine with day time turnout.
The two rehabbing boys don't get such luxuries since they need to be supervised while out. No antics allowed!

Eros has been really funny. He's totally into this only trot the long sides routine. I don't even have to ask him to walk at the corner, he just goes back on his own. Such a smart boy.
Pammon has been wonderful too. Next week he steps up to more canter and is getting closer and closer to "normal" in terms of what he can do on the flat. Not sure when jumping starts again, but like Shiny, I'm in no hurry. I need this horse to get and stay sound.

We had beautiful weather this weekend, and Sunday morning was actually pretty cool, so the Pugs to play outside too. They really can't spend too much time outside when it's hot due to their smooshy faces. 

Do you guys remember the pair of boots I needed to finally order from Celeris? Well, I finally figured out what I wanted, and I'm hoping they're going to be pretty awesome. I went with a new boot design this time:
But I'm going to wait to tell you what colors I picked until they arrive. Which isn't until October. Ugh! I have the patience of an infant.

And that's it from here this week! How was your past week/weekend? Do anything exciting?


  1. omg more boots??? hahaha excellent. for real tho, yay for getting to jump Shiny! and so exciting that the boys are making progress in their rehab and recovery too!! here's hoping it all keeps going smoothly (esp for the ponies who move home!!!)

    1. Well, I had put the deposit on them back at the holidays. There was a chance to get free boots, I couldn't resist trying! (I didn't get free ones, but I did get 25% off.)
      Fingers crossed we stay on track!

  2. hmmm maybe Dante is just a giant pony, he sounds suspiciously like Shiny sometimes