Wednesday, June 10, 2020

What's up Wednesday

My two full sized boys had their check in with the vet on Friday, and it went great for both! I'll start with Eros. Doc was happy with how he jogged and had me hop on to see how he looked under saddle. 
The very best view... even when blurry

He's definitely stiff in the back end from lack of work (probably will need his hocks and maybe stifles done at some point) but the injured leg looks good! Doc wants us starting VERY slowly and taking it really easy so as not to upset the progress we've made. We're doing a 10 minute walk under saddle and he can trot 2 long sides of the indoor each direction. We'll keep up with this for two weeks, and then check back in on how to add to what we've started. You guys. It feels so good to be back on him. The best part is that Eros is such a chill dude, I haven't had to give him any sedative at all. I even did our walking outside on Saturday. Such a gem.

He may have put on some quarantine lbs...
Pammon got good news too! Doc is thrilled with how he looks, and allowed us to add canter back into his routine. He's currently doing 15 minutes of trotting and 5 minutes of cantering. I generally do a 5 minute walk to warm him up, trot 5 each direction. Then canter 2.5 minutes, trot 2.5, then repeat in the opposite direction. Finishing up with 5 more minutes of walk. Unlike his brother, Pammon still gets a little help from modern medicine to keep his feet on the ground. But he is getting less than before, so that's a start. For some reason, I can't remember to take a between the ears photo on him. Maybe this weekend!

Shiny is doing just fine. I've decided to hold off on trying to put her together and get her lifting her back until she's stronger and more fit. She seems to trip less if I let her have her head right now, and truthfully, we really need to focus more on forward and listening before we get back to collection and all that. We are hopefully going to hop over a few crossrails this weekend too! Time to get back to doing things for that girl!

I feel like I'm settling in pretty well to quarantine summer schedule, though it's all about to change soon. They started on the fence yesterday which means Eros and Shiny will be coming home in July! Woohoo! The bad news is that I think they'll be bringing us back to the office in July also. Booo. I'm going to see if there's any way I can work at least a few days a week from here. It's just so much more convenient for me not to be commuting. I think I'll probably ride Pammon at the boarding barn before work (once the others are home) and then do my two here after work. We'll see. Gotta figure that out based on what happens with work I guess. 

In eating news, I've been enjoying Taco Tuesday deliveries each week from a chef friend of mine and my Sunday lobster roll dinner is a thing again. I made brownies this weekend which were delicious too.
So much for all that weight I lost... Lol. Whatever, all worth it!


  1. Those brownies look soo bomb! Ugh such a bummer commuting, I hope that you can work a modified schedule so you can get in more quality time at home!

    1. They were just from a box, but I had a new pan that makes them this size so they're like all edges. SO chewy and good!
      I really hope so too. I'm really enjoying working here at home!

  2. That's great news about your boys! And that you'll have some ponies in your backyard again! Hopefully your company will see that working from home does work and will let you do that at least a few days a week.

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, I'm hoping so about work! We'll see what happens.