Monday, June 29, 2015

Heart To Horse Box: June

 My June Heart to Horse Box arrived while I was showing Jampy in Saratoga. What a great surprise to come home to!
Heart to Horse Box is a horsey subscription that you can order either as a one time box or as a subscription. I opted for the sub since I like presents. You save a little each month that way too. This sub is unique in that it includes something for the horse AND something for the rider each month. My favorite part is that 25% of sales each month is donated to a local charity.This month that Charity is Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue.

 The info card tells you which charity will be that month's recipient and usually shows you one of the horses in the rescue too!
First Look
 Ok, let's see what was inside this month!
4 oz Cowboy Magic Detangler and Shine $7.49

 I haven't tried this yet, but I think I'm going to use it on Rio's tale... It's in a bad place my friends... A knotty, poopy, dirty bad place.

12 oz The Original Mane 'N Tail and Body shampoo $3.37

 A tried and true old standby! It definitely is bath season, so I was happy to receive a decent size bottle of shampoo! This one is fairly gentle on the skin, and I've always liked it.

4 oz Noble Outfitters Wound Care $14.99

 Thankfully I haven't needed to use this yet. Having horses is much like having 6 year old boys though, so I'm sure I'll get to try it out at some point in the not too distant future.

Tough 1 3 Piece Wash Kit: $6.74

 Yay! New bath tools! I kind of wish they were green to match my decor, but honestly, they work the same way in any color. And I love purple so... All is well! This set has a scraper, a sponge, and a jelly scrubber. Very useful this time of year!

Shires Hay Net $7.49
 I currently don't have a need for a hay net, but they are definitely good to have around, just in case! So I'll keep this guy in the barn.

Kensington Grooming Tote $14.99
I'm not really a fan of the color red. But I am a HUGE fan of Kensington Products. So I shall pretend it's hunter and tan and enjoy it fully. Just maybe not at horse shows.

All totaled this box had a retail value of $55.07. Since I am a monthly subscriber, I only paid $31.49 for this box. And shipping is free. I think that's a great value for the price. Plus all of the items are useful. The only thing in here I may not use any time soon is the hay net, but I really don't mind having it around just in case. I've been impressed every month with this box, and honestly, I think it's gotten better each month. Keep up the good work Stateline!
If you're interested in trying Heart to Horse Box, head over here and check it out. That's not a referral link. As far as I know they do not have any referral incentives. If they do, someone tell me so I can cash in!
What do you think of Heart to Horse Box?


  1. This is one of the first boxes I've seen that has items I consider to be worth the purchase. Nice!

    1. I agree! I've tried a couple: Pony Box which turned out to be quite a disaster and A Horse Box which was just samples of things I never used. But this one actually gives useful items. I'm sure it's just Stateline's way of clearing out old inventory, but I shop clearance anyway ;)

  2. That Cowboy Magic Detangler is AWESOME! And it smells REALLY good!

    1. I can't wait to try it! Currently, Rio does NOT smell awesome... so hopefully that will help!

  3. I was going to ask if it made you nervous to order this, as I heard horror stories, but I see you mentioned pony box in the comments so that answers that! But this set pretty nice, and that grooming tote alone makes me want it! I'm actually considering getting it haha

    1. Have you heard bad things about this specific box? Or just boxes in general? I felt pretty confident since this one is done by Stateline. They aren't my favorite company, but they've been around a long time and are pretty reputable. Ever since the Pony Box fiasco I am SUPER weary of new companies, especially new subscription boxes!