Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Truthful Tuesday

I had so much fun at the horse show last week, it's SO HARD to come back to work and get back to my 13 hour days. And here's both WHY and my confession....
When I go to these away shows... I have a GROOM! No really. My horse is bathed, lunged, and tacked up for me to show. When I'm done, they take him from me and give him another bath if he needs it, wrap him, and feed him. They clean his stall too. I clean my own tack and braid. That's about all I do.
I was never one of those kids to have that stuff done for me. It was always just my trainer, me, and my horse at the horse shows when I was a kid. We did everything together. And as I got older, I did everything myself. Usually for two horses! But since I've started showing with a BNT (Big Name Trainer) and am a full time working adult, I've taken advantage of the grooming services.
I often read on various sites all of the people who don't have grooms slamming those that do. Saying how they only get half the experience, and they aren't bonded with their animals. Or that they aren't REAL horseman. While this may be true if these riders never handle their horses, I don't agree with it completely. I know I'm not the only one who has the luxury of a groom on the road, but do it all myself at home. Lots of us riders do that! While I don't think it's absolutely necessary when I'm only showing one horse, when I had two or more showing, it was almost impossible to have them where they needed to be all on my own. So often their classes wind up overlapping, and you need to be in two places at once. Not possible on your own!
I do my best to take Jampy out for a handwalk or a graze during the day because he is used to me handling him. Plus we spend time together while I put his braids in his mane and tail. So I think he's no worse for the wear being handled by someone else as well. And you know what? They do a much better job than I at getting him clean!
So there's my confession. I get to be a little lazy when I'm showing at Saratoga and Vermont. And I'm pretty happy about it!


  1. If I had a grooming option at a show, I'd probably take it :)

    1. I miss it when I show locally! Ugh, I've turned into THAT amateur! Hahaha!