Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Truthful Tuesday

I have a real "first world problem" to talk about today... I don't know which boots to wear at the horse show this week. I know, I know... But here's the thing:
I know my Parlantis are the prettiest. But they still aren't really broken in. I want to make sure I can actually feel (and USE!) my leg. So you'd say, ok then go with the Regals. They're SO COMFY! But I still think not pretty enough. That textured leather... meh. I also have my old boots that I've been showing in for a few years. They're not in bad shape.

So I cleaned and polished all three last night. And I'll bring them all with me and let my barn mates help me pick! Hopefully they choose wisely ;)

Which would you wear? Bearing in mind this is my horse's and my first show since October. It's AA rated. And he's likely to be wild.


  1. Replies
    1. Ahhh!!! I really want that to be the right answer.... If I pour hot water on them they aren't too torturous...

  2. Parlantis! I broke my Tuccis in at a horse show :)

    1. Did you?! How did it go? Obviously you survived... My horse is... well he's a spook. So I need to be able to hold on!

  3. Tough choice. No matter WHAT you wear you will do awesome :)

    Good luck !

    Katie @ www.KatieWanders.com

  4. Well I'm not the stickiest, so I'd want any little extra grip I can get so I'd go with Regals.