Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday's Threads: Rio's Birthday Edition

First things first... Today is Rio's 19th birthday! A day to celebrate for sure. Sadly, his cake isn't arriving until tomorrow... but what can you do? That's ok, Friday's are better for celebrating anyway.

Ok, now we can get down to business. Since I ran this morning, I'm going to share my running outfit AND my work outfit again. Let me know in the comments if you enjoy seeing both, or if you prefer one or the other....
Also, I feel it's important to note (no it's really not, but I'm going to anyway) that it was 38 degrees for this run. Where is spring?!
I feel like this crazy outfit hides my chub. I'm not sure how, but I'll take it!
Wait till you see those tights up close!

Top: American Eagle
Admittedly, I bought this in the wrong size. It's an XS and really I could have used a small. But it's not too tight, so I don't mind. I love that little stripe of turquoise along with the herringbone pattern. Definitely not your typical running shirt!

Shorts: Champion
Charcoal gray = they go with everything! Definitely was a good find.

Tights: Justice
Why yes, I DID buy these at the little girl's store. So what, they fit! And they have PUGS ON THEM!!!!! Best tights ever. Well... tied with the french fry ones anyway.

Sneaks: Mizuno
Yep, totally recycled the photo. My phone is out of space. I still love these shoes. So glad I have another pair for when these retire.
Obviously when running you should have some ID and also it's nice to have a gps to track your route and time. So here's my running arm candy:
 Watch: Garmin
 My brother gave me this watch a few years ago as a Chanukah present, and I love it! I do wish they had a better plug, it's tough to get all four prongs lined up just right to get it to charge. But other than that, it works great, and I'm happy with it. As you can see, we took our time and enjoyed the company on today's easy run.

ID Bracelet: Endvr
This is my second ID bracelet from Endvr. I also have a navy and pink one. I took a survey and got a 70% off coupon so figured I'd treat myself to this pretty one. The bracelet is a little different than Road ID in that it has a QR code on the underside. Anyone with a QR reader app can scan it and find out your necessary information. I like that I can record my allergies and my insurance on my profile so if something were to happen, I could be treated readily even if I wasn't able to communicate those things. And it's pretty! They have a few different styles, this is the most pricey. Check out the website if you're interested in one of these!

Work outfit:
In honor of Rio's birthday today I decided to wear a horsey theme. Though it's hard to see in the photo below, you'll see better in the close ups.

P decided to go naked today. Nudist.
Top: Express
What's cuter than a pony print button down?! Um... Nothing. Nothing is cuter than that. Well, not much anyway. This was a Chanukah gift from one of my friends this year, and I've been dying for it to warm up enough to wear it! Today's the day!

Pants: Rue 21
These are oldies, you've seen them before. They're a bit tighter than I recall though... Must be the dryer. Ha.

Shoes: J Crew
I want to love these pony shoes. And I do... Just not wearing them. They're totally uncomfortable. But one must occasionally suffer for the sake of the pony.

Arm candy:

These don't really go with the outfit exactly... but I wore them for Rio's birthday! First is a pretty gold horse shoe from House of Harlow. Next is my Rio bracelet. This one has his name in black and gold beads, and all the clay beads mean something about him. Cookies and apples because he loves them and ribbons because he's a winner! Next is a stone bracelet that reads "Ontario" in gold letters. Ontario is Rio's registered name. And last of course is my watch.

Righty is a little classier. First is my one and only actual Chan Luu wrap bracelet. I love the chain on this one, so pretty! Next is the Rebecca Minkoff snap bracelet that my sister-in-law gave me for Chanukah. Definitely one of my most favorites!

That's what I'm wearing today! What are you wearing? Don't forget to let me know if you like seeing two outfits, or if I should keep it to just one. Happy Thursday!