Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

Holy Moly! I've had a torturously busy week at work. I leave exhausted, go home and ride (and get more exhausted), do stupid grown up things like clean the house and pay bills, and then go to bed exhausted. Wake up (exhausted) and do it all again! Waaah. But that's the life of a grown up I suppose. And it's not always so hectic. And I get to do it again EVERY DAY! We lost a close family friend today to cancer, and it put my crappy day right back into perspective. Cheers to tomorrow friends! (Also, tomorrow's my birthday. Extra grateful for tomorrows this year.)
Here's what's up this Wednesday!

 It was kind of a slow week for us. Lots of wind which made for exciting, yet not very productive rides, and also lots of rain which meant days off for the ponies and/or a soggy horse and rider. But we're plugging away, doing our best to regain some fitness. Jampy even jumped some little bitty jumps yesterday! I also earned a few extra dollars with a braiding job Friday and Saturday night (8pm-11pm both nights- no wonder I'm exhausted).

Moved the jumps around on Sunday

Rio's birthneigh cake!

Braiding clients

Ducky getting his roll on

Jampy scratching his back

Rio showing them how a real horse rolls
I'm SLIGHTLY more motivated this week to get my runs done. I ran with Vanessa and Pepper again last Thursday. We ran 3 miles, at a slow comfortable pace. It's so nice to have some company and good conversation for a morning run!
Sunday I went for a long run. And boy was it long. At least it seemed that way. I decided to run intervals right from the start, and I'm not sure it was my best plan for me. I felt like I got tired faster, but also I ran more hills, so it's tough to say for sure if it was the terrain or the intervals. Regardless, I ran 4 miles, and then stopped for a water and gu break. Then I ran four more. I gave up on intervals for the last mile and just decided to run the whole thing. I actually didn't feel terrible, and I think I may try longer running portions for my intervals and see how that goes next time.
I was pretty sore after my 8 miler, so I skipped Tuesday's run. Feeling guilty I planned to do a couple miles today, but instead only had time for 1. But I did it! 1 mile in 9:45! Woohoo! Making a comeback.

8 miles! Ugh.
I'm thinking about taking Artie running one of these days. I think he'd enjoy it, and with his less squishy face, I think it would be safe for him. Just short distances! P will stick with walks.

That's about it from here. Horses and work are taking up most of my time, and running the rest of it. But I'm hoping to find some time for bracelet making one of these days. And maybe even socializing! Haha... we shall see!
What's up with you today?

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