Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Truthful Tuesday

Today's confession: I love virtual road races. I love that I can participate in them when it's convenient. I love that I can pick my own route. And I especially love when they send medals! For the most part I've been really good about actually completing them too. There was just one that I flaked out on. Not too bad really!

My favorite virtual run to date was the Virtual Pug Run, which you can read about here. Proceeds went to helping needy dogs, and I got the most amazing medal. EVER.

There are three virtual races I have my eye on for 2015 (so far at least). But they aren't super cheap so I'm dragging my feet with registering. They all come with amazing bling though, so it's totally worth it... Right?
First up is the "Do you believe in Magic Dash" from Agent Outerware. Race dates May 30 - June 7. This is the medal:

Obviously I need that in my collection. Duh.

Next up is the Beat the Blerch race. This one is both a real race held in a few different locations AND a virtual run. The closest actual location to me is New Jersey. And it's really not that close. It comes with TONS OF SWAG! Race date: September 12

I'm a sucker for all that useless crap.

And last but not least, A Christmas Story 5K or 10K. This one is also both an actual race AND a virtual run. Obviously I'm not going to Ohio for this one, but I would love to run it virtually. Race date: December 5th. They haven't revealed what the medal will be just yet, but here are some past years models:

I need in on that for sure.

How do you feel about virtual races? I don't think they replace the experience of being at a real, in-person race, but I do love them none-the-less! Do you have any upcoming races your excited about?


  1. Replies
    1. I'm excited for them! Just have to get around to registering!

  2. Wait! I've never heard of this,but this sounds awesome and I love that they support good causes. I need to look into this more!!!


    1. Yes! They're totally convenient! And who doesn't love a little donating and swag collecting?!