Friday, April 10, 2015

Nicole's Creations
My delivery from Nicole's Creations came Wednesday night and as usual she made me the perfect bracelet! Nicole's Creations offers a monthly subscription service that delivers handmade jewelry to your door each month. There are two options, $10 a month or $20. I went with the less expensive option, and I have to tell you, I'm MORE than getting my money's worth! Nicole goes out of her way to read this little blog to get an idea of my style. And she completely delivers each month with a piece (or pieces) that I've completely loved!
Alright enough blabbing, here's what I received this month:

A metallic green and gold wrap bracelet! Even the leather has a metallic sheen to it! So pretty and so perfectly "me". I also really love the button used for the clasp. Nicole includes a personalized note with your item(s) each month, and I think that extra touch is really nice. One of the many reasons I enjoy supporting small businesses and artisans.
Thank you Nicole for sending me such perfect items each month!
If you'd like to subscribe to Nicole's Creations, or even just make a one time purchase from her shop click here to check out her work!