Wednesday, July 27, 2022

What's Up Wednesday


Oops... I nearly forgot to post today! It hasn't been terribly exciting around here really. We've been trying to survive the heat wave, which I think we managed. We were waiting anxiously for some rain that was supposed to come on Monday, but it was a big teaser. We had all the warnings for severe weather. We could hear the thunder clapping in all directions around us. But here? Nothing. We had MAYBE 60 seconds of rain. That was it. Supposedly some tonight though, so if you're so inclined... maybe throw a rain dance this way? On the bright side, the humidity did let up some and the temps dropped back down to the low/mid 80's. So at least we got some relief! (Sorry for those of you still melting.) I'm not complaining about the heat, just to clarify. I LOVE summer. And the level of hate I feel for cold weather means I can't be unhappy about hot weather. But I can hate the humidity. I think that's fair. 

The horses all basically did the same things last week. No one jumped, but we did pop over a few raised cavalletti. Our rides were short, which I think we all appreciated. I will say, despite how hot it was out in the sun (feels like temps over 100), the barn was pretty comfy and none of the horses were sweating in their stalls. So that made me feel good at least. I hate to see them uncomfortable when I can't do much to help. So glad I got to avoid that feeling!

During the week, I can't really ride early to avoid the heat because my worker comes between 6 and 6:30. I could probably get one done, but that just seems kind of pointless when there are three more. Since we use the ring as one of the paddocks, I can't ride while horses are turning out. But on the weekend, my helper comes between 7 and 7:30 usually. This week she came a little early, but still late enough for me to ride two.

It was still dark out when I headed out to the barn in the morning.

No responsible deed goes unpunished though... My first horse, who shall remain nameless as I shame this one plenty, managed to trip at the canter and fall right down. 

Thankfully we were both fine. My only injury was a little elbow road rash. 

If you look carefully, you can see both of our imprints. 
I literally rode all the way to the ground, so I was basically still 
mounted when we hit the ground. Nice soft landing other than the
horse on my foot.

Fortunately, the rest of the rides were uneventful. I did the first two, helped out with chores, then did the second two. I was done by 1 completely with horse stuff (until dinner anyway) which was lovely. The rest of the day was spent in the pool, near the pool, or taking a nap in the a/c.

In the pool, on my Tootsie Roll hammock

Near the pool with Rita. I left the door open 
so she could come and go as she pleased. 
I didn't really want her outside baking in the heat, 
but she wanted to snuggle a little. She was good about 
going inside when she got hot. 

This dragonfly randomly landed on my thumb. 
We're best friends now. His name is Dave.

Napping in the A/C with Rita.

Sunday went pretty much the same way, but thankfully, everyone stayed up right for our rides. I was pretty happy to get back in the pool once chores and riding were done for the day.
Okay, next to the pool. Drying off post floating. 

I was disappointed to miss lessons last week, but I think it was good for Al to have a little more time with his new shoes. He had a very short lesson today working over a cross rail with takeoff and landing rails. He's still not quite 100% so we worked through there a few times each direction and called it a day. He seemed happy to do something fun though, so I don't think he was too uncomfortable. We'll try again Friday and might also lesson one of the others that day. So I'm excited for that! There aren't really any local shows happening this weekend, but again, with Al not quite 100% we wouldn't go anyway. Trainer might be skipping the first week of her next show, so there's a small chance we could get to something that weekend. We'll see how it plays out!

That's really about it from here. The weather should be nice through the weekend (with hopefully some rain tonight) so I plan to get some good work out of the tall kids the next few days. 
How was your week? Did you make it through the weather? Or is it nice where you are?


  1. It’s been much better here this week than last week. Through Saturday it was over 100 degrees without the heat index. It’s been cooler since Sunday, but more humid. We got a bunch of rain Monday, so the arena was pretty sloppy yesterday. Our barn is hosting a show this weekend and my plan is to ride in it. Problem is I haven’t jumped in about a month and I’ve never jumped the horse I’ve been riding because he’s just coming back into work. Luckily we’re planning to do 2 foot classes which works since I haven’t ridden in a show over fences in 8 years. Not sure if we’re doing hunters on Saturday or jumpers on Sunday yet. I’m excited but nervous. I have a list of questions for my poor trainer tomorrow, -Rhiannon

    1. Oh! That sounds fun!!! I hope you have the best time!

  2. Ummm I totally need a tootsie roll pool hammock thingy!! I didn't know that was missing from my life! :-)

  3. oh my lord, c'mon ponies!! charlie has literally plowed into mother earth with me before during a particularly lazy lope.... and i gotta say it was seriously unpleasant. hope you both aren't too sore!! and glad Al is starting to feel better even if he's not all the way there yet!

    1. It's happened to me (with more than one horse) THREE TIMES in recent years. I've parted ways with my mount four times in the last threeish years, and three of those times was because the horse fell down. I'm starting to think I'm doing something wrong...
      Fortunately, we both were just fine. It was a nice soft landing.