Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Truthful Tuesday


Today's confession? I haven't really found my "routine" yet with having horses in two places. But the surprising part is that I'm not all that bothered by not having a real routine yet. Maybe because I know this is a temporary situation? Or maybe I'm learning to be less rigid in my old age? Hard to say for sure. 

Having horses in two places is a little bit of a time waster. Mostly because I'm so easily distracted. Most days, I head over to the boarding barn in the morning and ride those two horses, then come home for the other two. But here's where I get a little irresponsible. I always seem to get distracted by my social media when I get back home for the second pair of horses. I generally throw them their lunch hay and want them to have a few minutes to eat before we get to riding. And I find myself mindlessly scrolling social media or placing a grocery order or whatever. Before I know it, forty minutes have gone by and I will then be in the barn forever... Lol. There are certainly worse places to be all day! 

Does this happen to anyone else? Or are you all very productive all the time?


  1. lol i feel like that's how my weekend mornings go, and i only have one horse (and no social media LOL...). ya know, there are worse things tho i guess!!

    1. It's the equestrian barn vortex! You just get sucked right in!