Thursday, May 13, 2021

Thursday's Threads


Outfit Day! I finally got to wear my favorite boots! (They only come out on dry days.) So I was pretty excited. Partially to wear the boots, but mostly for the sunny day!


I'm also excited to get back to having Pivo footage. I've heard the updates have been a little rough, so I'm still working off an old version. It's working great, so I'm going to hold off on updates for awhile.

Anyway... let's look at Eros' outfit!

Sadddle: Butet
Saddle Pad: Hopeful Equestrian
Half Pad: Mattes

The green on the pad isn't as bright as it's showing in this photo, but it's also not as dark as the half pad. It IS pretty close to the green on my boots though!

Bridle: Joseph Sterling
Browband: Stacie Original

I discovered how easy it is to take regular ribbon and wrap it around a browband for matching outfits... so um... I made a bunch. This is the cow print one. They all snap on (except the halloween one) so they are easy to swap around. This bridle usually has the spike browband on it.

Boots: Celeris UK
Celeris makes custom brushing boots now, so obviously I had to get a pair to match the cow boots. I think you've all seen Shiny's awhile back too. 

Okay, my turn! Here's what I wore to ride yesterday:

I recently was made aware that Charles Owen made a limited edition cow print helmet. You have no idea how sad I am I missed the boat on that. Fortunately, I found something suitable for this outfit. With glitter of course.

Helmet: Horze

This helmet is Amanda's fault. She regularly forces me to visit the Epplejeck site and spend all my money. But this helmet is actually super inexpensive (it's not MIPS) and it has green glitter. So I'm gonna give her a pass since obviously I needed it. It fits great with my hair out, but is a bit too snug if I try and put it up. So for the first time since my childhood, I rode with my hair out yesterday. It was weird.

Top: Not sure of brand
I got this from Zulilly awhile back, but I forget who makes it. It's the perfect spring (or fall) weight. A little heavier than a long sleeve tee, but lighter than a sweatshirt.

Belt: Vintage Brighton
Fact: I've had a love of cow print for most of my life. Proof: I bought this belt the summer after I graduated high school (1998)! Big western belts were the thing back then, and I wanted this one SO BADLY! I bought it with some braiding money and was so excited to have it. It barely fits now, but whatever, it DOES buckle! 

Breeches: Ovation Aqua-X
I do have a pair of tights with cow print patches, but they don't have belt loops and I really wanted to wear my old belt. So I went with these instead for yesterday. Nothing special about them, just black breeches. I do really like how these fit though. Definitely recommend.

Boots: Celeris UK
I know. They're amazing, aren't they? Of all the things I've wasted money on, these are definitely up there as a favorite.

Alright, that's it for today. I mean... it's a lot, amiright? So much cow print. But I kinda love it. Also, thanks Eros for being such a good sport about dress up day.

We finally jumped around too!


  1. That is so much cow print, I am dying laughing. I'm not sure which I found more unbelievable, that CO made a cow print helmet, or that you somehow don't already heave one?!

  2. Love it! Good thing you are riding Eros and not a b/w paint!

    That helmet is

    1. A black and white paint would really complete the outfit though!
      Be careful, Epplejeck has all the best stuff!

  3. omg i love it haha -- and yay for jompies too!

    1. Jompies were so fun! (And tiny. Tiny made them fun.)