Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Truthful Tuesday


Guys. I'm getting itchy for more fun boots. I realize this is crazy. I have SO MANY boots. But I dunno. I think I just like designing them. I have a couple ideas in mind even... But I am not allowed to buy more boots. Unless they fund themselves. Which brings me to how I spent my Monday. 

My helper spends his work hours in the winter when the horses are away giving my barn a good deep cleaning. In the process though, he has to move all my stuff around. And being that he's not as detail oriented as some, nothing goes back where it was. So I spent my Monday putting the barn back together since the horses will be home soon. Once that was done, I did something I've been saying I needed to do for awhile. I cleaned out the boot cabinet.

I pulled out all the pairs I never wear, except for one which I do want to wear but just always forget about. And I listed them all for sale on my personal Facebook page. IF I can sell them then I can order new boots! Problem is, I have such a weird foot/leg size I'm not sure I'll get any of them moved. I'm going to leave them on my page for a couple weeks and if that is unsuccessful I'll reach out to a consignment shop. 


I'm really sad to sell those purple ones. but they are ridiculously short. Someone who fits in them better should enjoy them. 

So today's confession is that I'm trying be responsible in my irresponsibility. That has to count for something! 


  1. lol your loss is maybe our gain? i'm emailing you.... haha

  2. I really wish I could fit into these!

  3. I should cut a few inches off my feet so I can fit in your boots.....

  4. Your foot is too small for me!! which is probably a good thing, lol.

    1. It's tough trying to sell boots when your feet are this small!

  5. I can't decide if I'm happy or sad that my feet are bigger than a 6! I should have my Celeris boots in about a month tho - that should console me.

  6. While I could probably wear a size 6, a 6.5 would probably be better. Plus my black ariats are starting to die (the calf, not the zipper) and since I'm on a serious budget, if I'm buying boots, I might as well buy boots that fit really well and in black vs something I'd wear less often. But so tempting!