Thursday, April 1, 2021

Thursday's Threads: Passover Edition


Outfit Day! I warned some of you this was coming... a fun theme for Passover week!

Matzo! And don't worry, Eros has a matzo outfit too!

Helmet: One K Mips
I wore the green one and my Winthrop Corner mask. I do have a matzo mask, but it has ear loops so doesn't work with my hunter hair.

Sweatshirt: Etsy
I saw a few all over printed matzo shirts, but I liked this one with just the hood and pocket printed. I wish the rest was a little different color... but it works.

Belt: Mane Jane
I don't have a matzo print belt, but I thought this snake embossed one was pretty close.

Breeches: Smartpak Piper
Yeah, I know. I still have a few pairs of pipers. I need to see if Dover has some chocolate brown ones to replace these. But they did the job yesterday.

Socks: Too Loud
They aren't really boot socks, but close enough!

Boots: Celeris UK
I was thinking about wearing my brown Mt Horse boots, but they aren't totally broken in yet, and it was spicy horse weather... so I opted out.

I had a couple of accessories too! 

Watch Band: Zazzle
So it would seem you can make anything you want these days. The watch bands aren't super cheap, but I figured this would get used every year, and at the time, I was still gainfully employed, so I decided to have this band printed up. I kinda love it!

Phone case: Modern Tribe
Modern Tribe is a Jewish novelty store online. I get lots of cute things for my nieces from them at Chanukah time. So when I was thinking about my matzo outfit, I went there to see what they had. And this phone case is pretty cute! 

And here is what Eros wore:

Saddle: Butet (My new to me one!)
Saddle Pad: Equine Star
Half Pad: Horze
I had plans for a few sets that I was spacing out orders on, but now I'll have to space them out a bit more. Glad I got this set ordered though! It's so fun! Also, how pretty is that saddle?

Boots: Equine Star
I know. Hilarious, right?! I love them. Shiny has a pair too.

So that concludes my Passover week outfit. What do you think??


  1. I love all the matzo themed stuff. And holy cow...that is a gorgeous saddle! Which reseller have you had the best luck buying through?

    1. Thank you! I love it!
      I've purchased through three, and had great experiences all around. Redwood Tack (I've bought from her twice and sold to her a couple times too), Double Oak Tack (I took a saddle on trial, hated it, then exchanged for a different one, she was great to work with), and this last one was from Goldfinch Fine Tack. Went fine so far, waiting on the refund for my trade-in.

  2. As always, I admire your complete dedication to a theme haha.... Also, I had to look up what matzo was! :)

    1. Haha! Yeah... you probably don't encounter too many Jewish people in the midwest! Matzo is basically edible cardboard.

  3. Omg how on earth did you get matzo boots?

    1. Lol... I had them made along with the saddle pads.

  4. lotso matzo!!!!! (lol i crack myself up with dumb puns)

  5. I am absolutely losing it at those boots.

  6. Super fun! I've been missing your themed outfits!

    1. Thanks! They should get more fun once the horses come home for the summer!