Thursday, February 21, 2019

Thursday's Threads: In Memory of Karl Lagerfeld

Most of you are probably like who the hell is Karl Lagerfeld? And that's understandable. KL was an icon in the fashion world having acted as creative director for both Chanel and Fendi. He's collaborated with numerous other high fashion brands as well. He never actually retired, having continued designing basically right up until his death on Tuesday. He was also a weirdly devoted cat owner to a kitty named Choupette. The cat has his own staff who will be taking care of him, which won't be difficult for them given the cat was willed something like 2 million dollars. Yeah Karl was a weird dude. He was also kind of a dick. I've had this Karl Lagerfeld outfit in the works for awhile, but kind of put it on the back burner after he said some stupid stuff when the Me Too movement was happening. But now that he's passed, I figured it was time.
Now a classy individual would probably dress head to toe in Fendi or Chanel to remember Karl. But I'm not that classy. Nor do I own a single thing from either brand. At least nothing that's authentic... (I do have a knock off Fendi belt! Don't tell Karl.) Without further ado, here is my homage to the late Karl Lagerfeld:

Karl always wore black and white, so I did too for him today. Are you surprised I just plastered his face all over me? Yeah, I didn't think you would be. I actually have Karl face pants too, but they were a bit.... well, I couldn't get them on. Will have to save them for the summer when I drop this winter fluffiness. (Hopefully.) I have a few other KL items anyway, so there will be a second homage to Karl at some point.

Cardigan: Express
T-shirt: Karl Lagerfeld
Yep, Karl's own brand produced that shirt with his likeness all over it. So modest.

Belt: Mane Jane
Buckle: Karl Lagerfeld
Lolz. There he is again. I like that the buckle works with my Mane Jane belts so he can go with anything!

Jeans: True Religion
When my Karl face pants weren't fitting, I decided these black jeans with the heavy white stitching were probably an even better match for the theme. So all worked out fine.

Shoes: Vans
Nope that's not your typical houndstooth. That's karl's profile tiled all over these shoes! This whole outfit just cracks me up. Sorry, not sorry. Feel free to laugh along with me.

Wristlet: Unbranded
I stumbled across this wristlet years ago on Ebay from a sketchy Chinese seller. So it's not branded, but it's hilarious. Obviously, I needed to own it. That's Karl's face complete with his trademark aviators and pony tail.

Arm Party!
I don't own any Karl faced jewerly, nor anything from his brands, so I just went with this bit bracelet since the colors follow the rest of the outfit.

I figured I should wear my fanciest bracelet stack since that's the closest thing I have to a high fashion arm party. Plus they're my current favorites.

Rest in Peace Karl. Please stop torturing models in the afterlife.

Ok... now that's we're done with Karl, I have a riding outfit to share too!

Winter clothes are just so flattering aren't they? Whatever, warm and comfy is all I care about.

Baseball hat:  Horseware

Ok, obviously, I didn't ride in a baseball hat (protect your noggins, YO!), but I just got this in my subscription box I get from Stateline and it's my new favorite thing. It has a light in it! AND it came with extra batteries. That's probably the best part. (If you're looking for an equestrian subscription box to try and you're not into the pricey ones like Noelle Floyd or Cavalli Club, check out Stateline's Heart to Horse box. It's usually pretty great, though now and then I get a dud, and it's around $34.) And if you're wondering, I rode in the black One K again.

Sweatshirt: Circuit Style
This isn't the warmest of sweatshirts, but it's super comfy. I layered it with a vest and puffy coat so it was just fine. I love the "Weird Horse Girl" nameplate on the front. I wish they had one that said Crazy Horse Lady. That's my about me on Facebook.

Belt: C4
I declared on Instagram awhile back that I would wear my F-bomb belt whenever the weather was crap this winter. And it was snowing and icing last night when I went to the barn, so here it is again!

Breeches: Horseware
I think the corduroy breeches are warmer than the fleece lined ones I have, so I've been wearing them the most this winter. They are marked down to around $45 dollars, so I had gotten two more pair a little bit ago. Wish they came in more colors, (they come in brown and tan only) but at least they fit with my barn color scheme!

Socks: Dreamers and Schemers
My Fbomb socks were the old style, but Dreamers and Schemers has them back on the site in the new sock style so I grabbed a new pair. Best time to wear them is with the belt, right?

Boots: Regals
Sorry guys, I know you want to see the fun boots. But none of my fun boots are traipsing through ice and snow. Not happening.

Well, that's it for today! Any favorites? Did you know who Karl Lagerfeld was?


  1. This is... The Pinnacle of matchy matchy skill. Impressive. 👏👏

  2. I didn't realize there was so much karl lagerfield paraphernalia out there.

    1. His own brand produced most of it, which probably says a lot about him... hahaha!

  3. DO you follow You should if not they are HILARIOUS and they mentioned Karl this week. I love all your tribute to him. Great stuff. And I love he left his moola (mostly) to his CAT! (And godson but anyway).

    Love the belt and the socks on the riding outfit as well....

    So yes I know who Karl is. :) And put Go Fug Yourself on your reading list. heather and jessica are HILARIOUS (i am not a fashion person but I love their writing!)