Wednesday, February 20, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

This weekend was actually pretty busy. And it was busy with RIDING HORSES! Can you imagine?! What a treat for me!
My first stop Saturday was to see my old buddy Bradley. You remember him right? My friend's brontosaurus horse that I love so much? Said friend was away for the weekend, so I got to have Big Brad all to myself the whole weekend! The best part was that I was able to coordinate with a very old friend so we could ride together. It was pretty chilly, so we were stuck indoors, but it was a ton of fun.
Bradley's mom has been doing her flat homework,  and it really showed. Bradley was much more willing to accept contact and come round through his back up into the bit. That's HUGE for him. The canter was still a little tough, but the indoor is pretty small, and he is quite large. I was happy with what I got. AND I got to jump that little X you see a few times. I know it's tiny, but it's been so long since I've jumped, it was just right for chicken little (me).
After hanging with Big Brad and friends, I stopped home to feed the old boys lunch and let the pups out. Caught Rio having a snooze:

Then it was off to flat my favorite red head.
He was a good boy as per the norm. I spent a little extra time afterwards grooming since he's shedding. Such a handsome chub he is!

I've been putting the back on track quick wraps on him before and after I ride lately. I'm not sure if they're helping or not, but I figure they can't hurt. He's been feeling better though, so whatever the reason, I'm happy for it.

Then I headed home to work on the elderly shedders at home. Seriously, so much hair coming off those guys! I think they're looking pretty good too... all things considered.



And then I was exhausted and wanted to crawl into a hole for the night, but I had a few errands that needed running. After those, I did finally snuggle up with the pups before bed time.
Sunday was another busy day. I'm not ashamed to admit, I was SORE that morning! Packaging up Big Brad took a lot more of me than lightly flatting little Eros. I was debating how to schedule the day, as I had a brunch to attend at 11. I was thinking about riding Bradley in the morning, but then I found out his barn doesn't open until 10. So that wasn't going to work. I probably should have done Eros in the morning, but instead I did some chores around the house.
One of my book club friends, Ashley (also, sister to Bradley's mom!), hosts a Galentine's brunch every February, and this year it was this past Sunday. It was so lovely to catch up with the ladies over mimosas and a delicious meal.
Ashley blogs about party ideas, and as her friends, we get to experience the ideas first hand. You can check out her party plans over at The Well Dressed Table. This weekend's party isn't up there yet, but you can see last year's, as well as birthday parties and some other events.

After brunching I ran home to change, let the pups out, and feed lunch to Rio and Jamp. Then it was off to do all the riding! I started with Bradley. Since it was later in the day and the sun was out, I was able to ride outside. He was much happier, but I was much more tired, so it wasn't a very long ride. We had fun though, and he was wonderful.
It was late by the time I got to Eros. Almost everyone was gone, but they aren't very particular about when we ride as long as we close up properly when we're done. So that was nice! I took my time tacking up since he was fed at 4. (It was only about 4:20 when I was tacking up.) He had a nice grooming and wore the back on track wraps until it was time to work. They clear all the jumps out of the ring every Sunday so they can give it a really good drag Tuesday morning. I had the whole empty arena to myself, and it was lovely! Eros was a good boy as usual, though he has been a bit spooky at the one end. I blame it on the wind noises whistling over there. It's funny though, he never pulls that stuff with my step mom. He just seems to know who to be careful with. Smart boy.
Dis end scary.
By the time I got home, it was dinner time for Rio and Jamp. I fed them and gave them a quick groom in their stalls while they ate.

It was nice being super busy with ponies this weekend. I've missed that! I mean, the laundry is suffering but whatever. Totally worth it!
My step mom rode Eros yesterday, which worked out nicely because it was my dad's birthday. That freed me up to meet them out for dinner. I get him tonight though, and I'm excited to ride.
Did you guys have a nice weekend? Lots of horsey things happening? Laundry? Fill me in down in the comments!


  1. Pony filled weekends are the best weekends

  2. just think last year you had no one to ride! :) glad you are having fun and staying warm too!! Laundry is the bane of my existance. Due to how humid and wet everything is i can't even rewear barn clothes and my coats are always hung up to dry too. ICK done. The sun is actually peeping out right now and it is freaking me out a bit. LOL

    1. Last year? Last MONTH!
      I hope summer shows up early (I'm already done with spring too, that just brings more rain).

  3. yay for getting so much riding time!!! :D

  4. Thank you so much for joining Galentine's Brunch and sharing The Well Dressed Table!! <3