Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thursday's Threads

Happy Outfit Day! It's been in the 80's here for the last week or so, and I am LOVING it! I wish it wasn't ending tonight. But alas, overnight lows in the 40's starting tomorrow. Wah. Anyway, my riding outfit last night matches the Thursday's Threads header so we should definitely start there today, don't you think?

See?? Purple and Teal! Just like my header! And the ponies wore it too! (I'm skipping the helmet today since clearly it's the same one as the last two weeks.)

Shirt: Horze
Do you guys remember when I mentioned in the spring about one of the local tack shops closing because the owners wanted to retire? Well, I guess retirement is boring because they've re-opened, but in a little bit different light. They're only going to be carrying the Horze brands now, so the selections are somewhat limited. I don't mind though, they have some cute lines! I picked this polo shirt up at their grand re-opening this past weekend. I LOVE the plaid on the collar!

Belt: Mane Jane
I know you've seen the green side of this belt a bunch. It's the one that matches my La Mundial boots perfectly. But I'm not sure I've shared this purple side with you yet? I love the tone and the texture on this one, and it's pretty close to the same color as my top!

Breeches: Annie's USA
These are the older version of Annie's with the velcro bottoms and no euro seat in the green tea color. I LOVE the color. And honestly, Annie's breeches are like wearing pj's. SO COMFY!

Socks: Lettia
You'll see shortly that my Lettia socks match the boys' saddle pads. Yeah, I'm a dork. THAT'S NOT NEWS!

Boots: Stivali Romitelli
You guys haven't seen these in a little bit! I still love them despite them being so short. I think this may be my favorite brand of custom boot to date. When the time comes to retire the Parlantis, I think I may get new show boots from this brand. Obviously that won't be anytime soon since I don't show and therefore do not wear the Parlanti boots.

I didn't get to photograph Rio's outfit because my mom called while I was tacking him up. Mom calls last forever generally, so by the time I got off the phone with her, he was already untacked, bathed, and put away. I did steal some stock photos of his accessories though! We'll start with Jampy.

Jampy wore this Lettia baby pad with the cute bow embroidered on it. I love that they do both sides so he has a bow on the left and the right! I'm not sure the brand on the girth. I think they may be from Jack's but not positive. I got them through Tack of the Day. Rio wore an identical girth (just a size bigger). The tendon boots I got several years ago, and they are by Norton.
And here are Rio's accessories:

Rio's pad is Lettia also, but is a regular saddle pad as opposed to a baby pad. He could use a little extra cushion. I love that the bows are actually embroidered all over and aren't just a screen print. His boots are by HKM. I am a big fan of these boots for flatting and have a bunch of colors. They wash and dry too!

Ok, on to today's work outfit!
It's pretty temperate out there today, with highs right around 80, but it's the last day! Tomorrow starts official fall feeling weather. I dressed in layers today because my office is always freezing.

Tank: Modcloth
Cardigan: Haley and the Hound
This tank hangs a little funny on it's own, so once it arrived I went searching for a nice cardigan to wear over it. This one matches almost perfectly! I should have grabbed a better shot of the pony print on this shirt though. It's adorable with blue, pink, green, and yellow horses all over. There are also ribbons sprinkled in too. So cute!

Jeans: Kancan
There's nothing particularly special about these jeans. They're your basic blue. Very stretchy and comfy though!

Shoes: Lucky Brand:
I saw these loafers quite awhile ago on super sale at and jumped on them. Obviously they're playing on the lucky brand theme, but I did secretly wish they both had horse shoes on them. Either way, they're comfy, and I like them very much!

Arm Party!
Lefty is wearing the daintiest little wrap bracelet that I'm pretty sure I got from Nicole's Creations, along with my trusty apple watch. He's still wearing his sport band, there's been no discussion of how my leather band is faring... I hope it's gonna make it!

Righty is donning a Nicole's Creations sandwich! The gorgeous one in the center came from Nicole and it's sandwiched between two Ettika bracelets. I LOVE the little horse shoe one so much!

That's what I'm wearing today! What do you have on? How's the weather in your area? Any favorites from today?


  1. Purple and green are my favorite colors so obviously I love all of this haha! Those breeches <3

    1. Thank you! Definitely two of my favorites too! I like pinks too :)

  2. Such a fun look and I LOVE how bold those boots are.

  3. I... got out of pajamas and put on running shorts today? #workfromhomeproblems
    Um, please sign me up to be first in line if you ever decide to sell any boots! Except I have no idea if we're the same size. Whatever, I'll make it work.

    1. Nice job getting out of pj's!
      Haha! I'm the most awkward size. size 6 feet, wide calf, tall (though I'm 5'2", so the need for tall is confusing.)
      If by some chance you're as awkward as me, I have a couple pairs of boots for sale on! A pair of size 37 black with crocodile (they were too big for me) and a pair of brown tuffriders that are a 6.