Wednesday, September 27, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

So, the fence still isn't up this Wednesday... but it's further along then last week at least. I hate what they did with my gate, but it's better than what they first attempted so I think I'll choose my battles. Otherwise it's really nice though! Time will tell how it holds up, but I'm hopeful it will be sturdy and won't break constantly like the old one. Here are some preview pics:

The rails do have some give to them, so they're not as sturdy feeling as regular wood. But I think the give might be a good thing because it can absorb some shock. Hopefully. I'm sure the horses will test it out as soon as I let them out there. Which will hopefully be no later than Saturday!

I'm still relegated to riding on the front half of the ring since the back is still holey and under construction. It's been great for working with Jamp because he's been cheating a lot and I didn't realize it until I had a smaller area to work him on. It's hard to tell though, if he's having a hard time keeping himself together, or if he's just so tense that it's not working. I'm thinking it's the second one, just because I know him pretty well.
Rio on the other hand is afraid of very little, and he insists on exploring all the stuff in the ring, regardless of which end it's at.
Or if it's dark out. Big brave boy!  He's already tried to eat the new fence. Quality control works 24/7 around here.
They had their fall shots yesterday so it's been an easy couple of days. Hopefully this weekend they'll be feeling good AND we'll be able to use the entire ring! Big things on the horizon!
It was a relatively low key weekend for us. I had a braiding job for a lead line/walk trot pony on Sunday morning early. I asked the trainer if she wanted normal yarn or something fun for the little girls. She was game for the fun so this happened:

It was a little tough to braid her nicely because she rubbed off the bottom half of her mane this spring. It's grown back a lot, but it's still pretty short. I didn't want to shorten the top part that much, so I just did the best I could. But the colors were really fun! They matched the kid's hair bows too! So cute!

In other news, my new Regals arrived and my feet are pretty happy about that. I was amazed at how worn the soles were on the old ones. I mean I knew they were worn because it hurt to step on anything not flat, but the comparison to the new pair was kind of shocking. Isn't it cute how the new pair stands up? I'd put boot trees in them, but the whole point is to be able to abuse them. Sorry new Regals, I hope you're prepared to be treated poorly.

The painters finished working on my house Monday. Isn't it amazing what a new coat of paint will do? The place looks so much better! And they even touched up my historical sign:

I don't yet have an update on the rot problem in the wash stall. I left a voicemail with my original contractor yesterday, but haven't heard anything back. We have another one who's been doing work for the family on a variety of projects, so I have a back up if the original guy doesn't answer.
That's what's up this Wednesday! I shall leave you with this amazing sunset from last week:


  1. I love those colorful braids! The new fencing looks spiffy :)

  2. Those braids are really cute! I always love requesting different yarn at shows (though my idea of wild was navy)

    1. Thank you! Believe it or not, I've never done anything but matching yarn until this pony. But I may get more adventurous and try navy or green to match my coat if I ever show again!