Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Truthful Tuesday: The one with more boots

You know how I said I was all done buying boots for awhile? I lied a little. Just a little. And it's somewhat justified. My trusty Regals which I wear most days because SO COMFY are just about ready to give up the good fight. The heel protectors are about to fall off both boots, the soles are paper thin, and also this is how they were when I got off Rio the other day:

Not ideal. They also don't stay up really anymore because they've stretched out so much. But I've had this pair over a year (which is pretty good for Regals), so they don't really owe me anything.
I've been debating replacing them since I have ten million pairs of boots. I don't really NEED a new pair. Plus I actually keep a brand new pair in the trailer at all times in case of a zipper emergency at horse shows. So technically, I HAVE a new pair. On the other hand, they make my feet so happy. None of the other boots are completely broken in since once they tear my ankles apart, I need a day or two off from breaking in boots. And then I turn to my trusty Regals. So I was leaning toward replacing them because happy feet = happy Stacie. And then Riding Warehouse had a Labor Day sale.
Today's confession: I bought new Regals. And maybe I also got the AA Motionlite in Navy. Because you know, it was on sale. Shut up, next year I'm showing! A LOT! (hopefully.)