Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Truthful Tuesday: The one where I'm a semi quitter

I mean... I'm not a quitter. If I was, I definitely would have given up horses long ago! But I'm not. If I say I'm going to do something, I do it. Usually at least. But when it comes to running... Sometimes I AM a quitter. Or maybe slacker is a better term.

 Months ago, I signed up for half marathon number 7. It's called the Steam Train Half Marathon and has a fun little bonus prize if you beat the spectator train back to the finish line. I chose this race because it's brand new, local to me (just two towns away!), and is in the fall so it shouldn't be too hot. As the months of passed by, I've found myself not at all prepared to run 13.1 miles. Not even a little. I started running again, but I've been shamefully inconsistent. And I haven't logged more than 3 miles at a time yet either. NOT good for half training, clearly.
Steam Train Half Marathon and Relay logo
My best friend since we were little kids has been thinking about joining me on this torture journey against the train, but she too has been struggling with the training. Shocking because she's like mega runner extraordinaire! But with work and having a family, time for training can be stressful to find. She hasn't registered just yet, and suggested doing the relay as a team instead. I wasn't sure they would let me switch, but they did! So this is why I'm a semi quitter. Instead of running 13.1 solo miles, I will be running only a portion (we haven't discussed who's running which leg yet). While I'm kind of being a quitter, I'm actually SUPER excited to run this relay with my best friend instead.
I love this graphic, totally borrowed it from the race site...
I've run a couple of relays before, and I love being part of a team. Obviously that will call for matching costumes... You'll have to wait for my race report to see what we run in. But I'll give you a hint: rainbow tutus.

Have you ever had to adjust your plan for a competition? Obviously I have many a time with the horses, but I think this is my first time with running.


  1. Replies
    1. Relays are probably the most fun you can have running. Or at least I think so, because generally speaking I HATE running.

  2. Hey, you're running way more than me, so I'm impressed! :) a relay sounds like a fun way to make it work.

    1. Haha, just barely... Relays are really fun! I'm excited to do this one!