Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursdays Threads

Outfit day is practically over, but I wouldn't leave you hanging till next week! I have to tell you, I had the HARDEST time dressing myself this morning. I have some new fall clothes I'm dying to show off, but it's 86 degrees out. I will say though, I much rather it be 86 and my fall clothes stay in their packages for a little while longer! Here's what I came up with:

Not bad right? Not too summery, but I'm not sweating either. Perfect!

Top: Max and Mia
This is a faux wrap t-shirt. Very simple, but cute at the same time. I found it on mega sale at TJ Maxx last winter when I was in Florida. I appreciate that little button at the top keeping everything together!

Pants: Beulah
 It's a little tough to see the detailing on these, but they have some faux leather up around the waist line, zippers on the bottoms, and some added stitching around the knees. They're super bad ass. I bought these off the Moxie.Style trading board on Facebook. They're releasing new colors on the website this Sunday though, and I'm pretty sure I will accidentally buy a few more pairs...

Shoes: Steve Madden
If you're gonna wear some edgy bad ass pants, clearly you should wear some shiny flats with spikes on the heels. Right? Duh. I should try riding Ducky in these...

Arm Party!
All repeats! But some of my favorites. First is the Rebecca Minkoff my sister-in-law gave me, next is my Keep Collective, and last is my trusty Rolex. Good looking stack if you ask me... but I might be partial.

You've probably seen all of these at one point or another too... First up is the Ettika chevron bracelet (though I think they look more like hearts), next is one from Little Black Bag (seriously, I still miss them!), and last is from Forever21.

Considering I had three other long sleeved options all picked out, I think I did ok on short notice.

Riding outfit!
I didn't forget! Yeah actually, I totally did... But I remembered before posting!
Top: Express (OLD!)
Black polos never go out of style! I like these especially because they're pretty long and stay tucked in.

Breeches: Horsewares

Yeah... I really needed to size up in these. Hello butt! I love the color and the orange stitching, and the butt pockets! But I definitely need to either drop these pesky ten  fifteen pounds or pass these on to someone a bit smaller than me.

 Belt: No brand
You just saw this one last week. Clearly it's a favorite! And may or may not be the reason I ordered these breeches...

What are you wearing today?


  1. I think the breeches look great! And nicely match with the belt :)

    1. Thank you! I felt like I was hovering above the saddle in them.... Oh thighs...

  2. Really love the shape of your ass :)