Friday, September 25, 2015

Nicole's Creations: September

Woohoo! I received my Nicole's Creations September Surprise last week! (Sorry I'm a little behind on things...) I love this sub so much. For those who don't know, Nicole's Creations offers a monthly subscription service that delivers handmade jewelry to your door each month. There are two options, $10 a month or $20. I went with the less expensive option, and I have to tell you, I'm MORE than getting my money's worth! Nicole goes out of her way to read this little blog to get an idea of my style. And she completely delivers each month with a piece (or pieces) that I've totally loved!
Let's see what I got this month!
I LOVE these colors!!!! My photos do zero justice. But it's a light colored natural hemp with turquoise and olive colored beads. The little pendant-like bead in the middle is also that sort of olive color. SO PRETTY!

LOOK AT IT ON MY ARM!!! Sorry for yelling. But could it fit any more perfectly? I really don't think so. Nicole is awesome.

Matching ring! I love these little macrame rings. They're so cute, and they get softer the more you wear them.

I say it every month (literally), but I'm really impressed with the personal feel to this subscription. Nicole does a great job of designing pieces that she knows I'll love. Not only that, but she's excellent at her craft. Everything is so well made and fits perfectly. PERFECTLY!

What do you think of my new pieces from Nicole? If you'd like to try out the subscription, or even just browse the online shop, click here to head over to Nicole's Creations and see what she's all about!


  1. Replies
    1. Nicole does such a beautiful job! I can make some ok things, but nothing like she does!

  2. Lovely! Wish rings didn't bug me so much, I like the look of that one.

    1. Generally they drive me crazy also. But these, I think because they're not solid like metal, are pretty comfortable.

  3. love the teal and green color! :D

    Have a great week!
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  4. So cute!! That jewelry represents your style perfectly and if the bracelet wasn't good enough, that ring is to die for!!

    1. I know! It's like Nicole really knows me. Love this subscription so much!