Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Truthful Tuesday

I can't believe it's almost October already! Where does the time go? With the coming of Halloween season, comes also Indoors season in the equestrian world. What is that my non-horsey readers ask? "Indoors" are a series of horse shows that take place in indoor arenas. For most of them, you have to qualify to participate, which means most of the nicest horses and best riders in the country are in attendance. Since I no longer have a super fancy-pants pony, now must work for a living, and don't show all that much, I no longer partake in the indoor circuit. Hopefully someday I'll get back there. Until then, I must watch from afar... And that brings me to my confession today. I have this little set-up happening at work:
Do you think they'll notice me live streaming the Capital Challenge Horse Show? The bosses are all at a trade show, so it may be true that I'm taking advantage of the situation... BUT since I brought my ipad, I can totally work WHILE I watch the horse show. So I think really, it's a win for everyone.
In closing, I shall leave you with some old photos from my junior years when I actually did compete at Indoors.

Just Humour Me in the older small junior hunters, probably 1997

Opulence in the NAL Children's Jumper Finals 1998


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    1. My gray horse up there in the picture was amazing. I got to go four years in a row with him! Harrisburg AND Washington. We never made it to the Garden (that's how old I am... It's Kentucky now). Not bad for an appendix quarter horse!

  2. Pretty Pictures! especially Bud!

    I never did the indoor thing especially as a jumper rider (and especially paying my own entry fees) but the highlight of my riding "career' may have to be Marshall and Sterling Finals! Although it costs me about a grand out of my savings haha it was such a cool experience showing in that ring up at HITS!

    Cheers to glory days and watching horse shows from our laptops! Oh how I miss showing!

    1. Back in my day... hahahaha I'm so old... anyway, M&S finals were at Washington! They had your classes at indoors, NAL was Harrisburg, and M&S was Washington. But yes SUPER expensive. If not for my dad, I definitely wouldn't have been there either.
      I've never been to Saugerties, can you believe it?!
      I'm so glad we can watch via live stream now! Technology is awesome :)

  3. Those are such amazing pictures! I have a weird obsession with dapple greys so I'm extra jealous :)

  4. I used to ride as well, though not very competitively. It's an expensive sport to participate in, but I still love watching - it's such a rush! It used to drive me nuts when people said riding wasn't a sport because "you just sit on a horse". I was that crazy horse girl haha!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

    1. UGH! So expensive! My horse friends and I decided we'd be pretty well off in only we could quit this horse habit.... But we have no idea what we'd spend all that money on if not the ponies!
      Ha! I know right? I always want to put one of those haters on my horse with no stirrups. See how long they last!

  5. I've always wanted to ride, but where I live, there's only one place to learn and participate -- and it's bloody expensive. It's not a very widespread hobby here, too, so it's difficult. Perhaps in the future when I've got resources and the cash, haha.

    Working while watching, YES. I do that with my own shoes too, shhh... Hahaha, have a lovely Wednesday, Stacie!

    May | THE MAYDEN

    1. It's an expensive sport for sure! But totally worth it if you can fit it into the budget!
      What did we do before streaming was invented!? Have a great night!