Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thursday's Threads

Happy Thursday everyone! It's outfit day! I only have one today which is kind of a bummer. I had wanted to share yesterday's riding outfit with you all, but I was busy with the vet and forgot to take pictures. I'll just have to wear it again next week.
Here's what I'm wearing today:

I know, a skirt! It's all kinds of hot here again in CT, so it's perfect skirt weather. I hope it stays hot for the foreseeable future. I'm not ready for all things Autumn. Not even a little. Except maybe the pumpkin everything. That I can get behind. Let's look closer!

Top: Moon Collection
Frenchies! I received this top in my mystery tote from Moxie.Style earlier in the week and could NOT wait to wear it! The fit is perfect and the French Bulldogs are soooo cute!

Skirt: Old Navy (emphasis on old)

Sorry the top picture is upside down. Technical difficulties... Anyway, this is a black denim pencil skirt with a surprise slit in the back. I've had this FOREVER. Like I think I bought it in 2003. But it still had tags on it. Oops. It looks adorable with my new top. And it mostly fits... Ok, it's a bit snug. But I'm not spilling anywhere so that's good.

Belt: Louis Vuitton
Had to class things up a little. Hopefully the fancy belt will detract from the skirt's tightness on my bum!

Shoes: Chelsea Crew

Right?! I actually found these shoes on Zulilly last year but hadn't had a chance to wear them. Then the top showed up in my mystery bag this week and I was all "AHhhh!!!! New Outfit!!!" I do wish the doggy on the shoes looked a little happier, but at least his eyes are hearts... I also have a bag to match, but I couldn't find it this morning. This is why I need to plan ahead.

Arm Party!
Lefty is still wearing the same outfit. He's getting boring... But I do love my KEEP Collective bracelet! I figured it worked with the outfit since it has the paw print on it.

Righty dressed up today! First is actually a hair tie. But let's be real, would you wear that giant metal chain in your hair? I'm 102% certain it would rip a good chunk of hair out. It's much better suited as a bracelet. Next is a heart bracelet from Ettika. And lastly is my Rebecca Minkhoff from my sister-in-law. I really love that bracelet, I need to wear it more!

So that's what I'm wearing today. What's your favorite from above? What are you wearing today?! Let me know in the comments, and feel free to post your OOTD on my Facebook page!


  1. OMG you have a Boston Terrier shirt AND MATCHING SHOES!?! I need this in my life!

    1. Yes! I got the top from I don't think it's in their boutique yet, but you could email them about it! The shoes are older, from Zulilly, so they may be harder to find. But they have to be out there somewhere!
      PS I just ordered a pug shirt.... Now to find shoes.

  2. This is taking matching your shoes to your shirt to the NEXT LEVEL! I love it!!

  3. I love the jewlery!! I am not a jewlery person but I love it!!

  4. Omg those shoes are the best thing I've ever seen!!!! :D

    1. I just had to get them when I saw them. You should see the matching bag...