Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

Sorry for the super late post! Today was Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement. And how do we atone you ask? By sitting through a three hour morning service, fasting since sundown yesterday (seriously, no food NOR water!), then more synagogue. Only I'm not a very well behaved religious practitioner, so I skipped the last service and had a lovely break fast with my family instead. The lack of sustenance made it impossible to blog until I'd been fed. I had the hanger. No one wants to read hangry words!

Not a whole lot really happened this week with my kids, short or tall. Jampy has been GREAT! Even in the dark. (I miss long summer days SO MUCH!)

Rio somehow managed to injure his right front leg.... again. Since he's retired that doesn't mean much other than that he gets wrapped. I'm going to have the vet take a look next week when they get shots. Hopefully he'll be better soon. Thankfully it doesn't seem to be bothering him at all. Always something with that boy!

And the Duck... I'm really disappointed to announce that he's reverted back to the stationary hony. I've put all the time and money I'm willing to into him already, so I don't think I'll be riding him anymore. I have a family member with a farm out in the midwest and I'm trying to see if he can go live out there. He'll have a good life there, safe from ending up in an unfortunate circumstance, and he won't have to work. Which seems to be what he wants. It's really disappointing after having a really great summer with him.
even the western spurs couldn't get him to move forward!
Life's been pretty fantastic for the short kids. It's a lot cooler out, so they can enjoy more walks!

And naps:

On Sunday, I went and tried my neighbor's pre-green horse. I may take him with me to New England Medal Finals as a back up in case Jamp decides he's going to be too nervous to compete (like last year...) This is Huey!

I am SUPER RUSTY when it comes to riding horses other than my own. Like SUPER SUPER RUSTY. Things started out ok since I'm pretty good flatting strangers. And the first few jumps were fine too. But then I jumped the first line... It was a four stride, a little forward since it was our first line. I jumped in and legged him forward, but the fourth stride was pretty far away from the jump! Huey jumped anyway, and I was so left behind! Ooops. Thankfully he has a sense of humor. I came back and did it much better the next time. We jumped a few little courses, then added in the five stride across the diagonal. My neighbor put the oxer out of the line up to 3' since that's what we'll be jumping at finals. Well... we didn't make it down there in five. But again Huey left anyway. He didn't quite make it this time, taking the back rail (standards and all) down and stumbling on landing. Somehow, we both managed to stay upright thankfully. We tried that again and got it right the next time. But sheesh! Talk about feeling inadequate. I feel badly for torturing that poor horse! He's a good guy and didn't seem to take it personally though. I'm going to ride him again after work on Friday. Saturday Huey's mom and I are sharing the ride on him at a Nona Garson clinic. She's going to do the flat portion and I'll do the jumping part. Hopefully we'll get our kinks worked out! Sunday I'm going to ride my trainer's jumper who is my other option for a finals back up horse. Lots of riding in my future!

Well that's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you?


  1. I'm so sorry Duck isn't working out. It sucks when that happens. But Huey is HUNK!

    1. I've had him a few years now, and he was free. So I had no expectations. He's come a long way, so it's not an epic failure. When he first came to the farm, you had to be really careful around him. He would bite and kick. He'd pin you against the wall... That sort of thing. And now he's mostly a love on the ground. So I take that as a success. He just doesn't want to work!