Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thursday's Threads

It's Outfit Day! My favorite! AND I have a riding outfit today. No running outfit, though I did actually get my lazy behind out the door this morning. I wore the same thing I wore last time, so no need to repost! We'll start with the riding outfit since I skipped that last week.

 I really need a mirror in the barn... But you get the idea!

My dad and stepmom brought this back for me when they went to Italy. They have great taste don't they? It's a little snug at the moment... but my spare tire isn't showing so I guess it's ok!

Breeches: SmartPak Piper

I just got these breeches this week since they were on sale. I wanted to LOVE them! And I kind of do. But not as much as I'd hoped. I love everything about them as far as looks: the stitching, the piped pockets, the sock bottoms! And they're mostly comfortable to ride in. Unfortunately, while not riding, they do that saggy crotch things that some breeches can do.  I may still get another color combo next time they're on sale... But I'm not as excited as I wanted to be.

Belt: Vintage Gucci from Ebay (of course)
How could I not? Gucci AND a pony all on one buckle?! Yes please. I won't bore you with my boots. They're the same Tuffrider Sport model you've seen before.

And now... Work outfit! Spoiler: I kept it comfortable today.
Special Appearance by Artie the Party today
You all know I'm a mint-a-holic. So I figured it was time for some more mint green on the blog.

Top: Rue 21
This top is super fun (it was also super cheap... I think I paid $3.00 for it). The black and white chevron portion is a sheer polyester type material, while the sleeves are a cotton/poly blend making them opaque and stretchy. Which is good because I have such big guns. Hahaha. No really. I'm a beast.

Pants: Rue 21
I'm confident you've all seen these before. They're mint green denim also from Rue 21. I got them at the end of last summer and probably paid $10 for them. Ha! My outfit was $13.00. Not bad!

Belt: Burberry
So pretty much, if you're a brand, and you put a pony or something pony related in your logo, I will want your stuff. Truth.

Shoes: Sperry Topsider (kids)
These shoes, while super cute and I wear them a lot, are evil. They've given me huge blisters almost every time I wear them. And yet... I keep wearing them! Cute though right?

Arm party!!!!!!
All repeats over there. The braided metal cuff from BaubleBar, my awesome sunnies bracelet from Kate Spade (seriously, how amazing is it?!), and my trusty Rolex.

Righty is super fun! First is the mint and gold stretch bracelet I made, next three are from Pura Vida. And the last one with the butterflies came from Ebay.

That's what I'm wearing today! What do you have on?


  1. I think that's my favorite riding outfit yet! :) I love pink so much haha

    1. Me tooooo!!! Pink and mint... sometimes together even ;)

  2. Just started reading your blog...hi from a fellow h/j rider! PS, your colour-coordination game is fearsome!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I was just meandering around your blog too! Your horse sounds JUST LIKE Jamp! He is literally afraid of his shadow. He waits for it to appear and then runs away. Every.Time.
      I think my need to coordinate is entirely due to my being born in the 80's...