Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

Hey everyone! You thought I was going to miss What's Up Wednesday didn't you? Sorry for the delay, it was a crazy busy day. Probably why I should not expect to write blog posts when I should be working... but anyway, better late than never!

Things got a little bumpy with the tall kids on Thursday. Rio was once again having soreness in his abscessed hoof so we had to have his shoe pulled and the vet came out Friday to check on it. Thankfully it's back under control and he has a fancy new set of shoes ($$$$).

Jampy had a little case of cellulitis that turned up on Thursday. I guess if that had to happen, it was good timing since the vet was already coming out. He was prescribed some very large shots of antibiotics plus a couple days of leg sweating and Jampy was good as new by Sunday. Phew.
So needless to say, it wasn't a busy weekend with the tall kids. Other than bandaging and medicating obviously.

Today is National Dog Day, so in honor of that, here are adorable photos of the short kids enjoying the past week:


Saturday, though not busy with the horses, was double booked with parties. Generally speaking, I have no social life to speak of... Horses, work, pugs, horses, pugs, work, sleep, horses, pugs.... you get the idea. But for some reason every one I know scheduled a party for August 22nd. I had RSVP'd to my friend's summer party waaaaaay back in June, so I was definitely planning to stop by for that. Unfortunately, my dad scheduled our annual Lobster Fest for the same day, so I had to attend the kid friendly portion of the party. Still a fun time... just you know... tame! Nice to see my friend though, and socialize a bit! I was hoping to head back after Lobster Fest for the less well behaved portion of summer party.
Lobster fest was SO FUN! My step mom had a lot of family in town plus our family friends all made it out. I think the head count was 48. Lobster count: 120. We know how to Lobster.

the men cleaning the leftovers
That's a lot of leftover lobster 
I wish I took more photos! But we had a great time. By the time I left my dad's it was 11 and I still had to wrap Jamp and Rio. So since I'm so old, I didn't make it back for the grown up portion of Summer Party. Sad tale, but it was a great day regardless!
Sunday was clean the house and play with horses and pugs day... Isn't every day?! But I did have time to sit in the pool and enjoy the band playing down the road at the lake in the evening. So that was quite lovely!

Well that's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Did do anything fun this weekend? Eat your weight in lobster? Tell me your stories in the comments!


  1. Poor Rio - I hope that he has kicked that abcess for good now! Oh lobsters... I live in Maine and everyone that comes to visit wants a real Maine "lobstah." Sadly, it gets old after a while!

    1. Thank you! I think he's on the mend! ($750 worth of shoes later...)
      Ha! I could see where you could be lobstered out. Lobster Fest usually holds me over for awhile. I ate lobster for every meal until Wednesday!