Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday's Threads

Happy Thursday everyone! I was too lazy decided to move my morning run to tomorrow because today was pretty chilly at 6:30! Tomorrow should be a bit warmer, so I'd rather go then. I'm going to run long on Sunday this week, so the change in schedule won't interfere with that anyway. Thus, only one outfit to share today.
Here it is:

Casual, yet trendy! Orange seems to be the it color this year and it's also the signature color of my favorite brand, so I figured I'd jump on board. Let's look closer!

Top: Vineyard Vines:

My phone hates to photograph navy... always looks gray! But it's navy, like you can see in the first photo. I bought this polo at the Vineyard Vines outlet in Manchester, VT when I was there horse showing two years ago. And um... it still had the tags on it. Oops. Glad to finally get some use out of it!

Pants: Sassy Sisters

I have nothing but love for these jeans! The horseshoes are ADORABLE! And placed fairly well around the jeans. I wish they were a little less BAM! on my thighs... but well you can't have it all.I will say those two horseshoes have been damaged significantly by the seat belt in my car. So that was a bummer. But I'm wearing them anyway. Now they're distressed ;). That aside, I love all the details on these pants. The pockets have rhinestones, but they're subtle, not "too much". And I love that the brand and I share initials. Monogrammed pants!

Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider
Yeah... I know. I have a lot of boat shoes. And I swear I wasn't going to buy these. But then the last time I wore these pants, all I could think of was these shoes. And how I wished I had them. And then Rue La La had them on sale for 24.99. At that point, it would be irresponsible of me NOT to buy them really. So yeah. Here they are. Don't tell me you don't love them. You'd be lying.

Belt: unknown brand
Buckle: Hermes inspired
That's right, I'm mixing my exotic leathers. I think it works! Croco shoes and ostrich belt? Why not? (And if I'm wrong, bear in mind that I am an amateur, and I make mistakes.) I found this leather belt on ebay, and thought it would look amazing with my "H" buckle. And it totally does. Good find! The belt is a very soft, high quality leather. I'm glad I found it!

Arm Party! (Disclaimer: My fancy pants bracelets are all designer inspired. Don't come rob me for my overpriced jewels!)
Once I had the orange shoes and belt, it only seemed necessary to find some orange bracelets to go with them. And this one matched the belt so....

I love blue and orange together. And I had fun putting together this arm party today! Another inspired bangle first, then a leather wrap bracelet, and lastly a painted chain bracelet with rhinestones. The first two (and the one above) are from ebay, the last was from Little Black Bag. I've long since forgotten the brand... but it may be Lydell NYC?

Purse: No brand

The color is a little off in the photo, but the orange on this is slightly less bright than the other accessories. It's pretty close though, and I think it works. I found this beauty on ebay also. It's real leather and soft like butter! I love the clasp in front, though it is a little annoying to get into. The strap comes off, so it can be either a clutch or a crossbody.

That's what I'm sporting today... What are YOU wearing?!


  1. I love that the designer is the same as your initials! So fun. And more shoes... you are too much ;)

    katie @

  2. I love Sperry's. I wish I could buy THEM ALL

    1. I kind of do... Ok not ALL of them.... I'm trying to restrict myself to only one of each color.