Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Truthful Tuesday

Today I shall admit to you just how lazy of a runner I am. I mean, yes, if you're running lots of miles, you can't be all that lazy... but trust me. It's possible to be a lazy runner. Case in point: Sunday's long run.
My weekend plan went right out the window when unfortunately the new barn worker I hired decided not to work (more on that tomorrow). So while Saturday morning would have been the perfect day for my 12 miler, I had to wait until Sunday. When it was hot and humid. Oh goody.
I made the wise decision to get out fairly early to avoid the hottest parts of the day. As I was waiting for good old Garmin to find some satellites, I realized it was on the last bar of battery life. No chance that was going to make it through 12 miles, so I abandoned it at home. My Charity Miles app on my phone has a decent GPS so I decided to just use that to calculate mileage. But it does not record pace. And herein lies my motivational problem. No record of my pace? Then why work too hard?! I have lots of reasons excuses as to why I should take it semi easy on that run. I had barn work to do and horses to ride afterwards. It was hot. It was humid. Etc etc etc. But the real reason I didn't push myself? No accountability= slackerdom. Tis true. I am at heart a lazy runner.

So what about my run was so lazy you ask? I walked most of the hills. I ran about half way up each of the big ones and walked the rest of the way up. I even walked a few little ones. At mile 7 I was at my trainer's farm, so I ran down her driveway and chatted with her for a bit. I literally stopped in the middle of my run to hang out at my friend's house! Ha! If that's not lazy, I don't know what is...
I then ran/walked my way back home to complete the 12 miles. It took me 2 hours and 15 minutes (including my chat). That's an 11:15 per mile average. I guess not too shabby considering I stopped to talk and did a lot of walking. But honestly, I could have run a lot more of it. And I probably could have been a lot faster while doing so.
The bonuses to being such a lazy runner? I wasn't really sore the next day. I still burned a lot of calories. No injuries!

Have you ever been only half committal to doing something? Are you good at sticking with a training plan?


  1. At least you got the halfway point! If I'm going to be lazy about something, I usually stop before I ever even really get started.