Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday's Threads

Time for another edition of Thursday's Threads! It's still February so I'm dressed for the Tundra. But it's supposed to warm up for the next few days, so that's pretty exciting!

Artie's attempt at a photo bomb

Sorry the photo isn't great today, the sun is actually out, and no matter where I moved the mirror, the photo was coming out dark. But I'll show close-ups for each item.

Let's start at the top today:

(Try to ignore my double chin)

How cute is that necklace? It's from Krista Bermeo Studios. She's an artist out of Indiana that does glasswork. I love her pieces so much. I'm thinking about calling for a custom item as I'd really like something with a gold chain.

I'm having a terrible time with photos today, but this is the sweater. It's actually more navy like you can see in the photo of the necklace, but I wanted to show you the hooks up close. I'm a sucker for a fun enclosure on a top! This sweater is from Polo. I got it this past weekend at the outlet near my house. Check out this bargain:

Not only that, but it was an additional 20% off at the register. WIN! I love these types of classic pieces that never really lose their style.

The jeans are by Hot Kiss. I got them on clearance at Marshalls for maybe $10. One of the little pyramid studs fell off, but you can't really see them under my sweater anyway. They are super comfy, very stretchy, and I love the washed out gray color.

The belt I chose to match my boots of course! It's also Ralph Lauren Polo, like the sweater and from the outlet. Clearly I love it because of the giant horse shoe buckle! It was also on sale in the 40 dollar range. I forget exactly what it cost.

I love LOVE LOVE these boots! I paid nearly retail for them at Modcloth, which as you know, I rarely do. But that's how much I love them. I always hated fake riding boots since I have the real deal. But my real ones are black, which made this brown pair acceptable in my imaginary rule book. They're from Lucky Brand and are so comfortable!

Arm Party!!! We'll start with the top photo, that's Righty. Righty is wearing two pieces I got from Little Black Bag. The first is by Jules Smith. I love the little wooden hearts on the ends! The other is a wrap bracelet from BCBGeneration. I liked that it matches my belt and boots so well! Plus the little foxes are a great tie-in with my riding theme today. (Foxhunting, ya know?)

Left is sporting some Alex & Ani today. In honor of the start of Spring Training, I'm sporting (see what I did there?) one with the NY Yankees logo. The next one is hard to see here, but it's the Kentucky Derby charm. I also have one with blue beads stuck in the middle there. Lastly is the saddle charm, a gift from my mom. You've all seen the watch before.

Last but of course not least, I'm carrying my awesome Gucci bag I picked up on vacation earlier in the year. This my friends, is why I love shopping with my dad and stepmom! Gucci gifts for me! Obviously the leather is much darker than the rest of my accessories. But if you ask this amateur, Gucci goes with everything. Plus the horse bits embossed on it definitely work with the equestrian theme today!

So that's about it! What do you think? Do any of you ever try the riding theme?

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