Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday's Threads

Thursday already! Time sure flies when you're dreading going back to the Tundra...
So today's outfit isn't terribly exciting since I will be traveling. My day started in the mid 70's but will end in the teens. Oh yippie! So today's theme I suppose is layers and comfort.
We'll start at the bottom:

 On my feet are the sparkly Gotta Flurt sneaks I admitted to owning on Tuesday. Aren't they adorable?! I use Luna as my carry on so they match nicely. I got a lot of comments on both at the airport on the way down here. I'm not sure if I was being teased or not, but I love them so I don't really care!

Working our way up, I have on jeans that I think are from Hot Kiss. I can't quite remember nor can I see the tag without removing them. And I'm sitting outside so that's not happening ;) They are gray and have some clear sequins on the pockets.

 My belt is from Ralph Lauren and was a gift last year from my sister-in-law. I love the color and it's very soft too. PLUS, it has as stirrup for a buckle. So cute!

Working our way north, I am wearing a polo I got this summer from Aeropostale. I love the color and the purple logo of course since it matches my shoes!

Is it me, or does this polo make me look thin? Maybe I should wear it all the time! Yesterday when I was getting ready for work, the necklace that I wear ALL the time broke. I feel super naked without something on my neck, so last night I decided to wander the nearby mall. I wanted something cheap just to have on until I can put on something nicer I already own. I saw a Claire's and figured they would have just the thing. I found this adorable S necklace for 5.50. SOLD!

I also got some tiny little bracelets while I was there. Why not right?

So that's today's outfit. For the arrival in CT, I have a fleece jacket and a North Face jacket to add on top. Brrr.

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