Thursday, December 22, 2022

Thursday's Threads: Chanukah Edition


Outfit Day! And we have a few pro photos for this one, so it's a real Chanukah miracle! (Big thanks to Chelsea Lothrop Photography for taking and letting me use these photos!) Eros is our model this week, and here's what we wore:

Ugh, blogger kind of kills photo quality. You should see these photos on my phone. Much crisper. But you get the idea. Yes, these photos were from our photoshoot earlier in the week, hence us wearing a number not at a horse show. Also, this is going to be part of night 8 for my 8 days of sweaters, so uh... act surprised if/when you see it on the socials.

Bridle: Joseph Sterling
Browband: made by me
Bonnet: Hooftrack Designs
Menorah Headband: unbranded
Unicorn Pin: Pinsnickety

Eros is such a good sport. He still manages to look ridiculously handsome despite wearing a silly outfit.

Saddle: Butet
Saddle Pad: Equine Star
Half Pad: Mattes
I love how this set came out. You saw it last year, so it's not new, but since it's only used annually, it feels like it's new. 

Boots: Equine Star

The boots though, right? I know. I can't handle it either.

That's what Eros was wearing, and here's what I had on:
Normally I would have worn navy or blue breeches with this outfit, but since I also had to wear six other outfits, I went with black. They worked with all the outfits. 

Helmet: One K CCS MIPS Widebrim
Probably the cutest helmet pic I'll ever share here.

Hoodie: Artscow
This is the exact same print that I used for the pad and boots. Artscow is a chinese company that lets you design your own stuff. They don't do horse things, but they do all kinds of clothing and bags.

Belt: Zazzle
I didn't do a belt with this print... but maybe I will next year! Instead, I have this one with ugly Chanukah sweaters.

Breeches: Dover Wellesley
You all know already that these are my go to breeches for the cooler months. They aren't as warm as actual winter breeches, but they're considerably warmer than Tailored Sportsman. 

Socks: Dreamers and Schemers
I think I've shared these already, but they're so cute, I figured I'd share again. I wish it was cheaper to design your own socks... I'd have so many! Maybe next year I'll do some Chanukah socks.

Boots: Celeris 
I could't resist using this photo for the boots. It's so artsy! These are my sample boots from Germany. I don't think I love that they are stiff dressage boots. But it's not bothersome either. Just less comfortable than the soft boots I'm used to. 

That's it for this week. Any favorites from today? Do you have a fun holiday outfit planned to ride in? 

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