Wednesday, December 14, 2022

What's Up Wednesday


Well, I've had a good couple years of not getting sick, but I've finally caught some kind of crud. I think it's just a cold. Covid tests have been negative and I don't have a fever, so not likely the flu. But ugh. It started innocently enough with a sinus headache and a sore throat on Saturday. That all seemed to work itself out and I just felt a little run down. I thought I had kicked whatever it was! But alas... last night I was awoken by my sinuses being so miserable my teeth hurt. Yuck. So here I am now, all stuffy and cranky. Already looking forward to bedtime. I have three lessons tomorrow, so I'm hoping this is the "worse before it gets better" day. Anyway. Enough of my whining. 

I again have no media so enjoy these old photos from my favorite
photographer Chelsea Lothrop Photography

We finally got Shiny's bloodwork back and it wasn't terrible. Her leptin was high, which isn't great, but her non-fasting insulin was normal. So that's good and we were able to go ahead with some injections. We're still very careful about how much steroid we use in her, and opted to just do the hocks with that. We did coffins with Prostride. She had the weekend off and went back to work yesterday. I wish I could say she feels amazing since getting the work done which is what I was really hoping for... But so far, she doesn't feel much better. Sometimes it takes a few days for it to really take, and to be fair, it got really cold starting yesterday which I don't think is at all helpful. Otherwise she's fine though. Doing work, having mare feelings... You know, the normal stuff. Last week's lesson I cut short because she was tripping all over the place. Fingers crossed it goes better tomorrow.

Another photo from Chelsea Lothrop

Eros has been mostly perfect as usual. His jumping lesson last week went fantastically well. He even jumped around courses without being a torpedo. So proud! It was like having Summer Eros around. I really love Summer Eros. He was good for yesterday's flat lesson too. Today though? He was sassy. Gave the hairy eyeball to all kinds of imaginary monsters around the ring. He's scheduled for a free lunge tomorrow though, so hopefully the jump lesson won't be a mess. Time will tell!

Another Chelsea Masterpiece

And Al... Oh Al. Al's great! But you know, he's still 7. And somedays he's a very young seven. We had TWO jump lessons last week! Every time I get to jump him, I remember why I deal with his spooky shenanigans all the days I don't get to jump with him. He's just such a good dude to the fences! The crack seems to be doing okay without shoes, so hopefully we're still on the right path with that. 
I normally lesson him Fridays, but this week we're doing Thursday (hence three lessons tomorrow). He had a training ride today, in which he was not a very good boy. He's always extra spooky at the far end of the ring. It's not a new problem. He's afraid of the big doors at the end. When it's warm out, and those doors are open, he is mostly fine. But when they're closed, he's not cool with that. Trainer seemed very determined to fix it today and he got in some trouble for his persistence. By the end he was a lot better, and seemed somewhat more humble, but I don't have faith that it is cured. No fault of anyone, I just think it's a thing we'll always deal with there. No horse is perfect. As long as he keeps me on top of the saddle, I can deal with whatever. But like... it would be lovely it is cured! We'll see tomorrow. 

That's really about it from these parts. I've been keeping busy wrapping gifts and addressing holiday cards. Tonight I look forward to doing absolutely nothing and hoping I can kick this crud asap. How are you all holding up this holiday season with the trifecta of plagues going around? Staying healthy I hope!


  1. I hope you are not sick for long. Lots of rest and fluids. :)

    1. I'm terrible at the resting part... I rode five horses today. Haha! But am already feeling better, thank you!

  2. ugh i def lose patience with that persistent sorta absurd spookiness.... hopefully it resolves over time! and feel better soon -- good luck with all those lessons today omg

    1. It's SO annoying! And he was terrible today. I think the bad cop approach may have done the opposite of what we hoped for. Next week I'm going to have him lunge down there in the rig instead of a training ride. Maybe he needs to work it out on his own that way. He's a wonderful guy, but just not the smartest...