Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Truthful Tuesday

 Heh… I guess the obvious confession here is that I forgot to write a post today… but I did remember eventually!

Anyway, my other confession is that despite being a full blooded Jew, I love me some Christmas light displays. I don’t put any up myself, other than my electric menorah in the window. But I do love to see what people do with their displays. And honestly? The tackier the better. Five vintage plastic Santas? Yes please! Oh you own every inflatable ever made? Put ‘em all up! 

Colored lights or white? Depends on the venue. Classy establishment = white lights. Anywhere else? Whatever you want! I love it all! 

There’s a house up the road from me that really goes all out. It’s absolutely way too much, and none of it really makes sense together. But you know what? It’s fabulous. I feel like every time I drive by I see something I’ve not noticed before. I hope they never stop. 

What about you? Do you drive around during the holiday season just to see the light displays? 


  1. There is a street near my parents house that during the holiday season, we always make a point to go visit. The whole neighborhood gets together and a company does an entire light display on the street. It's insane how much they decorate.

    1. I love that! There was a neighborhood by my dad in Florida that used to do that too! I loved it, but it became such a big deal that the traffic caused problems and they got shut down. So sad!