Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Truthful Tuesday


Do you guys remember when I couldn't find my trailer keys? And I finally decided that I must have never taken them back with me from the dealership? Well. I was doing some cleaning/purging yesterday and when I was cleaning out an old tote bag...

I found them! Which would have been more exciting a year ago before I threw out two of the locks some of those keys go to.... But I'm so glad I found them! 
I have apparently had this tote bag on the back of one of my dining room chairs for actual YEARS now though, and that's maybe a bit of a concern about my housekeeping.... I guess that's today's confession. While I keep a tidy barn, my house is totally different story. Sigh. Hey, you can't be good at everything.


  1. Ugh glad I’m not the only one with tote bags full of assorted…. Items, that may or may not have been looked at in years lol

    1. There were all kinds of interesting things in there!

  2. At least you found them....... right?

  3. Congrats! Ugh I lost my keys when I got back from the Bay Area, I'm 100% certain they are somewhere in this house.. but wheree......