Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thursday's Threads

Outfit day is boring today. I have no riding outfit to share. Now that I'm just riding weekends, I need to remember to take some pics then. Sorry, next week I'll deliver!
It's finally getting spring like here, with temps in the 60's and we've even seen the sun a little bit! Still light sweater weather, but we're moving in the right direction! So here's what I'm wearing today:
Pretty casual, kinda plain. Sometimes you need plain.

Top: H&M
I got this sweater, I think last year, to go with some cute floral printed jeans. It's a nice neutral so it works with a lot of my crazy pants!

Belt: Mane Jane
This was one of the straps Mane Jane had on clearance. I love when she has sales! This one is light gray on the other side.

Pants: True Religion
These are actually pants, and not jeans, which is super rare for me... Ha! They're cotton, but with stretch to them, and are heavy enough to not look like leggings. So I like that a lot. The teal color is fab, and I LOVE the contrast cream colored stitching.
Shoes: Durango
I couldn't resist these when I saw them. Tooled leather boat shoes?! Yes please. The leather is definitely thicker and stiffer than my usual Sperry's, so they will need to break in some. But they're SO PRETTY!

Arm Party!
I know, I know. I've worn this combo a ton. It's my FAVORITE though.

Righty is donning some teal bracelets that match the pants almost exactly. I was super excited about that. The leather one is from Hermes, the middle one is probably not actually... and the last one is just my fitbit, I went with the rubber band since the other two I have are both wraps. Seemed a bit much to wear two wrap bracelets!

So that's it for today. I'll do better next week! I'll leave you with this photo of the first mane of the season to provide some kind of horsey content today...


  1. Love the teal pants! And I really like the Mary Jane belts - one is going on my wish list!

  2. haha Mane Jane belt!!! My brain is NOT working today!

    1. Lol! I knew what you meant!
      Definitely put a Mane Jane belt on the wish list, they're wonderful! And they're two for one!

  3. Dammit Stacie I need those shoes and eBay is letting me down 😂

    1. I think they just came out. I got the on sale from Durango's website for $40 though:

  4. Replies
    1. I have 5 tonight... at four different barns. Ugh.

  5. Jealous of your braiding skillz tho

    1. Thanks! Just lots of years of practice. I was REALLY BAD at it when I started!