Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thursdays Threads

Outfit Day! It's been relatively warm here again which makes me pretty happy. If the sun would just make an appearance ANY day now, that would be the icing on the summery cake. We dodged a bullet with Jose staying off shore, so while we've had some wind, it's been mostly dry here. Just gloomy. I've dressed accordingly today:
Fall colored PONY DRESS! Yesssss! I figure I should wear sandals and dresses as much as possible since the misery of winter is just around the corner.

Dress: Peach Love
I actually have this dress in 4 different prints. Most I got on sale, one I got secondhand from Poshmark, and this one I paid ((GASP)) retail for! They were already sold out of size small, and I couldn't risk missing out on the medium. So I splurged. Pony dresses are worth splurging on. Plus I think I can make this one work through fall by adding leggings and a cardigan. So it will get plenty of use.

Shoes: Soda
As each season draws to a close, Modcloth offers Stylish Surprise. It's sort of like a grab bag, except you just get one item. Shoes are all ten dollars. Sometimes the risk does not pay off and my local charities get some new shoes. Other times I get some good finds. I once got a pair of Irregular Choice shoes which retail for around $250 for $10. So that was definitely a win! Anyway, these were a Stylish Surprise order at some point. I liked them well enough to keep, but probably wouldn't have bought them on my own. I'm glad they found me though because they match this dress PERFECTLY! If you know me at all, I was pretty stoked to have a great pair of sandals already in my possession to match my pony dress.

Arm Party!
Lefty is still missing the pretty leather band. The orange sport band doesn't quite match today's outfit, but hey, what can you do? Next to my bright watch is a vintage bangle. It's blue snakeskin on the band, and the clasp has some pretty blue rhinestones.

Righty got all covered in Swanky Saddle today! I thought horsey themed bracelets only made sense to wear with my pony dress. In order: brow band cuff (fancy stitched, OBVIOUSLY), rein cuff, and curb chain bracelet. All of these are also available in silver tone at Swanky Saddle.

Boy, Thursday's Threads is really short when I wear a dress, isn't it?! Ha! Fear not, I have a riding outfit to share, despite that fact that some yahoo lighting off fireworks canceled my rides last night (only AFTER I was already on of course. Sheesh.) I guess I got all dressed up to hand walk them both. Always better overdressed than under though I say.

Yeah. These breeches are weird.

Helmet: One K
The One K has been getting a lot of rides lately! It fits a lot better with the XS liner in there. I'm very impressed with the ventilation on this one! I could really feel it last night since it was pretty windy out.

Shirt: Adult Ammy Strong
I love what Adult Ammy Strong stands for, but I especially like the logo. It's such a happy looking pony, I just want to smoosh its face!

Belt: Noble Outfitters
I forgot to grab a photo of my belt, but it's this one in this stock photo I stole from the Noble Outfitters website. It was the EXACT same shade of teal as my breeches. Pretty impressive.

Breeches: Ariat
I got these from Horseloverz not too long ago. They were marked WAY down, and generally I really like Ariat breeches so figured I'd grab a pair. But I didn't realize there were those stripes down the side. Not sure I love those. They're SUPER comfy though, more like wearing tights than breeches. Which normally, I don't DO tights. But these are technically breeches, so they can hang around. I love the color!

Boots: Tuffrider Regal
These guys are down to their last rides! My replacement pair JUST arrived today! No time to spare as I think I'm about to blow through the bottom of these.

Socks: 5 Below
I wore these awkward length Mermaid socks last night too. I got them from 5 Below, and I have a sneaking suspicion they're meant to be children's size knee socks. They're still cute though. And also perfect for when I wear my too short purple boots!

That's it for Thursday's Threads today! Have any favorites from today? How's the weather where you are?


  1. Love the breeches. And the rein bracelet is cool.

  2. Replies
    1. The yellow is kind of mustard color, but pretty much yes! I think you may need one.