Thursday, July 6, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

These weeks with holidays thrown in the middle are so weird. Today was Wednesday but felt like a Monday. Which is extra odd because I did have to work on real Monday. So this week had two Mondays, and well... that's pretty lame.
I don't have much pony news at the moment. I've been riding all three most days, but they're just plugging along. Nothing exciting to report really. I did put some of the jumps up a little for Jampy. But we haven't even hit the 3' mark yet.
The weekend was FULL of ponies. Saturday morning I got up bright and early to ride baby Badger.

Unfortunately, when I got there, trainer said he's about to lose his shoe and fake foot, so all he could do was walk. Wah. #firstworldproblem but honestly, I feel like I never get to ride this horse. I guess walking is better than nothing though. So we walked around while trainer gave a junior a lesson on Cara. Not gonna lie, I was feeling pretty jealous of the junior. After my stroll with the Badge, I headed home to ride the rest of the herd. Everyone was good (no seriously, even Romey!) and they got to have some snacks after we rode.

I was in a bit of a hurry though. I needed to get clean and looking pretty:
Thank you Kate Spade for putting pockets in my dress. And marking it all the way down to $90 from almost $500.
because one of my former running buddies was getting married Saturday night! Well sort of. Technically she and her now hubs were married Thursday night privately, but the reception was Saturday. And it was SO FUN! It was at a beautiful farm called the Golden Lamb Buttery about an hour north of where I live.

Cocktail hour was out in a field and the wedding party made their entrance via hay ride. Seriously! Hay Ride!

And once they'd climbed down, everyone else took turns taking a tour of the property. Whilst being serenaded of course:
I actually love weddings, and I even like attending dateless because I get to talk to and meet so many new people. It was a fabulous time, and I'm so happy for my friend and her hubby.
They run a tight ship there and we were sent outside with sparklers to see the new couple off (and get out ourselves) right at 11. I was home by midnight which is perfect for this old lady.
I sat down to hang with the puggers for a bit when I heard a huge crash. Of course, my first thought was that something happened to Rio. Second thought was maybe Jamp was cast (he enjoys doing that). Thankfully, neither of those things were true. But it was yet another single car wreck at the end of the road. So I wander down there in my jammies to make sure the person was alive. He never hit the brakes at all, so he was pretty deep into the ditch. I couldn't pick my way in there in my jammies and boat shoes, but I called out to see if the person was ok. No answer. Ugh. So I called 911 and they sent help over. While I was waiting for them, the victim came to and told me not to call the cops. So I told him help was coming and kept a safe distance in case he got angry. Fortunately, he was too drunk to get mad. Probably the only reason he was ok. It was a pretty nasty wreck. (Don't drink and drive kids. And if you do, pay attention to roads ending.)
Um, also? The cop was ridiculously good looking. I was hoping when he took my name, date of birth, and phone number that maybe he'd make use of them... No such luck yet. I'll let you know though ;) I'm sure I was looking really attractive in my jammies and post wedding hair.
Sunday morning came extra early after all the late night excitement. But I was getting my turn to ride Cara (just on the flat though) so I wasn't going to be late for that! Badger did manage to pull that shoe off overnight, so he had the day off. Of course he did. Cara was great though! After riding her and snuggling with Badger, I went back to work the rest of the equine. Jampy had done something to his face, so I took the noseband off the bridle to avoid further rubbing.
It doesn't look too bad in this picture, but he keeps making it worse somehow. I need to get a sheepskin for his halter this weekend I guess. After our ride, he decided to further alter our bridle by breaking my reins in the process of freaking out over a bug.
Good thing I didn't send my extra reins to consignment! Romey was GREAT Sunday and even cantered several large circles each direction during which nobody died. Big day for us! Rio was perfect obviously.
I can't even remember the rest of Sunday... I know I cleaned the house up some and snuggled the puggers too.
Monday was lame since we had to work. A total of zero of my customers was open, so I pretty much did nothing the whole day. I was disappointed they didn't let us go early, but hey, at least I got paid for the whole day, right?
Tuesday the boys were stuck with me doing stalls, so that meant extra turnout for them! I'm probably the world's slowest stall cleaner. No one would ever hire me. It was a gorgeous day though, and I think the boys enjoyed the extra sunshine. Even Jamp who hates the great outdoors.  Once chores were finally done, I took a quick lunch break. Lobster roll at the lake of course! And then quick rides for all before dinner with the fam at Dad's house.

In a festive outfit OBVIOUSLY!
He lives on the water, so we got to see some decent fire works too. None of our towns put shows on anymore, but I was pretty impressed with the private shows happening around the shoreline.
That's what's up this Wednesday! I'm hoping to jump Jampy a little tomorrow (sans noseband, so that should be something) but otherwise nothing terribly exciting coming up. What's up with you? Showing? Riding? Shopping? Share what you're up to in the comments!


  1. I love your festive outfit for the 4th! And that accident sounds scary. Glad the guy was okay, even if he was an idiot.

    1. Thanks!
      It was scary, he's really lucky he's alive. Tore the tires right off the car, and the cop said the passenger side was destroyed. Good thing he was by himself.

  2. Double Mondays suck. I'm glad he's not dead, but I hope that drunk driver gets in trouble. A$$hole.