Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Truthful Tuesday: the one in which I complain about being cold

So it's July, right? The time of year where I see and hear lots of people complaining about various heat waves. We had a stretch of 90+ degree days going strong this past week. I'm gonna be honest with you. I LOVE the heat. Seriously. I do. I love every second of it. (I mean, maybe not if I lived somewhere hotter for longer.)
There are of course exceptions. I don't like to run in the heat. But then again, I don't really like running ever, so there's that. I don't like it TOO hot for working the ponies. Not for my sake, but theirs. I have mostly dark horses, and I imagine it's extra hard on them. But me personally? 99% of the time, I love the hot weather.
Somehow though, here in Connecticut, it went from 85 degrees on Sunday to 55 on Monday. Sure, 55 degrees is awesome if it's, say, February. It's also not so bad first thing in the morning. But when that's the high in July? This is where I have a problem. I have Hashimotos disease which makes me over sensitive to being cold. Which leads to today's confession:
I'm freaking freezing, and I'm turning into a grumpy old shrew.
Seriously! I was pretty good through day one. But day two? Today, I woke up grumpy. I got to work, which has been a poo-show to say the least, and now I'm like mega grump.
If someone could bring me a cupcake and some hot cocoa, I'd be extremely grateful!
So that's my confession today. I'm wearing a sweater in July and super unhappy about it.

What kind of weather makes you grumpy? Or are you immune to weather related angst?


  1. Haha weather in general makes me grumpy. I'm grumpy when it's hot, I'm grumpy when it's cold. Actually 55 degrees sounds about perfect to me considering our heat index this weekend was 112!

    1. 112 might be where I start to not like the heat!

  2. I would very happily welcome 55 degrees here now. It's disgustingly hot and humid and I am so ready to move.

    1. It is nice that it doesn't stay that way around here. I imagine even my hot weather loving self might feel otherwise if it was weeks on end.